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The Conservative Coalition is honored to have Lowman Henry as the main speaker for our March meeting. Lowman hails from Westmoreland County but has made a name for himself throughout the State and around the country from his office in Harrisburg. Lowman is Chairman of the Lincoln Institute and the driving force behind the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference that hosts one of the largest conservative gatherings in the country every year. Very few have their finger more on the pulse of what is happening in Harrisburg than Lowman, so mark your calendars for this important meeting.
I am guilty on many occasions of focusing on events happening in Washington and around the world and sometimes forget what is going on in PA. We need a reality check every now and then to support and oppose the various measures that are constantly being kicked around in the state Capital, and Lowman is the right man to set us straight in our priorities and where our energies should be directed.
We will gather at "The Warehouse," located at 2230 Boyd Road in Murrysville across the street from Cornerstone Ministries. There will be several candidates beginning our meeting at 7:00 PM, and Lowman's presentation will begin about 7:30. Round up your friends and neighbors for this special event.

Our February meeting was excellent as Mark Hrutkay from Washington County showed how they did a tremendous job of registering new voters and then getting them to the polls to give Trump a commanding victory in that area. Mark is the new Chairman of the Republican Party in Washington County and is also deeply involved with the vast energy industry that is headquartered at Southpointe.
His approach to getting new voters is quite simple–talk to them one on one and explain the facts of whether you want more freedom or more government. It seemed to work like a charm and will work everywhere it is tried. Our thanks again to Mark for bringing us an encouraging message. If more counties had such an inspiring leader, Pennsylvania would be RED for a long time!


Speaking of Lowman Henry allows me to summarize the upcoming Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. It will be held March 31 and April 1 at the Radisson Penn Harris Convention Center in Camp Hill, PA outside Harrisburg. He has arranged a great lineup of speakers including Ben Shapiro, Jeffery Lord, Scott Wagner, Scott Perry, Keith Rothfus, Andy Schlafly, Peter Schweitzer and many other excellent speakers to educate the attendees during this two-day event. If you are interested, please check out their website at
Trump's first 50 days: I'm frustrated at times with Trump's tweets and off-handed remarks that cause his team to be back-tracking and trying to explain some bizarre statements instead of spending their time concentrating on much needed programs and legislation. We all know that Obama is working behind the scenes with his shadow government trying to disrupt and destroy Trump's agenda, so why play into Obama's hand? The wire tapping charge makes no sense to me. Even if it is true, you must have some evidence to hang your hat on. Why not use facts like Obama's overt actions in trying to influence the Israeli elections several years ago by undermining Benjamin Netanyahu or their hacking the private records of Fox's James Rosen and his parents? If Trump would bring those situations to light, he could kill two birds with one stone viz; the Russian influence in our election and proving wire tapping.
Health care: Once again the GOP circular firing squad is in full action! With nearly eight years to figure out a replacement for Obamacare, how can they be struggling with a new and affordable plan? Two years ago, the House and Senate passed a good bill using the ideas of the new HHS Chairman Tom Price and Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan. Virtually every Republican voted for that measure even though they knew Obama would veto it. Now that we have the White House and Congress under Republican control, we have hit an impasse and can't get out of the batter's box. The Ryan plan, called the American Healthcare Act, has entitlements, mandates and other provisions similar to Obama's disaster. Supposedly, Dr. Price has had a lot of input into this plan yet many conservatives are fearful the bill won't go far enough to correct the myriad of problems the Obama/Pelosi team foisted on America. According to Ryan (and Trump), these problems will be solved by "market conditions". But we need more choices, less mandates and entitlements and to make sure that insurance is available across state lines plus other low cost and freedom-based features. Trump has supposedly stated that he will support a primary challenge to any Republican (meaning Conservative) who votes against this Ryan bill. That is very disturbing and if true, will only increase division within the party. The Democrats NEVER have a moment of dissension on the big ticket items. I'm not saying that all Republicans must be in lockstep with a Trump/Ryan plan, but we must have conservative input before we pass some new version of Obamacare that will still leave millions of Americans holding the bag. Bannon, Conway and other Trump insiders better get his attention quickly on this healthcare problem before the Trump Train goes off the rails. All we worked for and accomplished the last two years could go down in flames in 2018. Do we make the new entitlements responsive to market conditions under the new plan or allow Obamacare to run its course and suffer the consequences in 2018? Sometimes half a loaf is better than none. It's time for lots of prayer!!
Positive steps: I'm very happy with many of Trump's executive orders freeing up our energy reserves and giving hope to American workers that new jobs are on the horizon. That has already been reflected in the booming new job numbers for February. If corporate and individual tax cuts are implemented soon, we should have a bright economic outlook. These areas are where the Trump team should be devoting their energy. His instructions to ALL agencies to find ways to cut spending is a new and much needed approach to help reign in the out of control spending that has placed us so deep in debt. I enjoy the Trump approach to the United Nation saying we should cut back our financial support and allow other member nations to foot the bill. I trust we can turn this idea into what many have been proclaiming for years and that is "To Get The US out of the UN and The UN out of the US"!
Defense spending: It appears that the handcuffs are being taken off our military and they will soon be unleashed to do their job of destroying ISIS and other terror networks. The murky alliances in the Middle East must be handled with care, keeping America's true interests in the forefront. Unfortunately, to do the job right usually calls for more boots on the ground, and I see where more Marines and Special Forces are entering Syria along with those already in Iraq. God bless those brave American soldiers–at least they go into battle knowing that the new Commander-in-Chief has their backs. All these ventures require top notch equipment and Trump is determined to get them the material needed to be safer and victorious. If any area needs more spending, it is defense and I'm sure Trump will put out edicts to keep costs low and also give us the greatest bang for our bucks!
Building the Wall: Much discussion still surrounds when the Wall will be built and who will pay for it. One of our members brought to my attention information on the "Secure Fences Act" of 2006. This measure was signed into law as part of a larger immigration bill and was actually supported by then Senators Obama, Clinton, Schumer and Feinstein!! After the bill was signed it was left for dead, unfunded. However, some Republican Senators recently discovered that this bill never had a "sunset provision" put into it, meaning that it never expired. It is still the law of the land and Senate Republicans are leading the charge to fund the 2006 Act in an upcoming spending bill in April, thus paving the way for Trump's Department of Homeland Security to get $21 billion to start the Wall! Mexico paying for it isn't part of the bill but that is where Trump can wield his negotiating magic!

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