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This “Summer” edition of the Westmoreland Watchman will focus on the many accomplishments by the TRUMP Administration in his first 200 days that have been intentionally overlooked or distorted by the Leftist Media. The next seven pages of successes have been compiled by our cutting-edge Coalition member Joe Krill. Hearty thanks to Joe and his wife Shelia for making this information available to us. Please share far and wide to counter our enemies in the “Fake News” and elsewhere. There are actually some areas that aren’t mentioned in that list where President Trump has done other good things for America and I’ve shown them below.

In the Pro-life area, the leaders of this vital movement, are singing the praises of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Here is what these two men have accomplished and championed.
• No President has accomplished more for the Culture of Life at the beginning of his term than Mr. Trump.
• His most important achievement was keeping Hillary out of the White House where her rabid pro-abortion views and policies would have spelled death to countless unborn babies and Planned Parenthood would be an even bigger threat to society than it is today.
• The President signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City policy (MCP). The order not only re-established the original MCP prohibition against Agency for International Development (AID) funding of groups that perform/promote abortion in foreign countries, but also extended that restriction to all federal departments and agencies. Further, the measure bars the funding of organizations that support or participate in programs of forced abortion or involuntary sterilization. By this one action, the President kept $9 billion away from the abortion industry.
• President Trump sent VP Pence to speak in person at the March for Life. The President tweeted to the crowd, “The March for Life is so important"you have my full support.”
• President Trump has expressed support for H. R. 7, a bill passed by the House which would place the Hyde Amendment into federal law eliminating the need for annual Congressional action. This measure would extend to all federal spending, not just expenditures through HHS. The legislation would also bar the government from subsidizing insurance plans that cover elective abortions.

Several other areas where Mr. Trump has shined is the fact that he is the first President in 21 years NOT to celebrate Ramadan at the White House. He also remained firm against the Climate Change agreement in Paris and of course the recent heat wave in Europe is now his fault along with the record temperatures in the Northwest. He will get used to the fact that ANY abnormal weather conditions are because his name isn’t on that “fake” treaty. But we are proud of his stand that saved the United States hundreds of billions of dollars along with millions of jobs. I see where Al Gore has come out of his underground bunker trying to scare the world with his latest round of phony data, but we are delighted that Trump is at the helm instead of that clown and his ilk.

Trump has also taken the lead in uprooting the MS 13 terror gangs that are running roughshod in many major cities in America. He and Jeff Sessions will make a big difference in neutralizing this scourge in our society,

The biggest hurdle for Trump is the twerp Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Sanctions will not work on this communist regime and there could be a point where Jong-un will attempt something deadly and very foolish. I’m sure Trump will lower the hammer on him and hopefully destroy his nuclear arsenal. In the meantime pray for Trump to make the right decision and for our troops and South Korea to be safe!

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