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As we enter 2013, the challenges will be great to fend off the Marxist regime of Obama, but I keep thinking nearly 60 million people had their heads screwed on right and voted against this traitor. What a tremendous amount of resistance could be generated if only 5-10% of these Americans get involved to take our nation back from the socialist cabal that currently controls Washington!
We in the Conservative Coalition have pledged our lives to shout from the housetops the wonderful blessings freedom has brought to America and that we can regain that freedom through prayer, hard work and dedication to God and Country.
Our January meeting will be a double-barreled event you don't want to miss. We will begin promptly at 7:00PM at Cornerstone Ministries on Route 22 in Export. The first segment will feature Matt Blackburn, who is the Pittsburgh-area staffer for Senator Pat Toomey. Matt has been with us before and asked for time to start the New Year off with a summary of what Pat has been doing and what our nation faces. He will speak and answer questions for one half hour and will stay after the meeting to answer any more questions not covered in the first session. At approximately 7:30PM, we will show a new DVD entitled, "The Project". This dynamic 90 minute video was produced jointly by Glen Beck and The Blaze in August 2012. The content is shocking and disgusting as to how deeply the Muslims and especially the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our government during the last 30 years. The situation started to come to a head when the Holy Land Foundation was exposed as a major contributor to Hamas, Hezbolah and other terrorist groups fighting Israel. This so-called Muslim educational organization had their assets seized and some members were deported and jailed. But there are 80 boxes of information naming names of these termites in our government, and Obama and Holder have stonewalled Congress, much like they have in the Fast ~Furious investigations. Congress members Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert are outraged over this obstruction, and they and other patriots are featured in this powerful DVD expressing their concerns over the future of America. Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 15th and bring a carload of friends to start off the New Year on the "Right" foot!
After the 2008 election debacle when so many nave Christians voted for Obama, we changed the name of our group from the Christian Coalition to the Conservative Coalition. We felt that too many folks were turned off when so-called Christians were drinking the Obama Kool-aid and believed that the term Conservative was appropriate. Our membership increased dramatically in 2009 and every year since. When the results were analyzed after the 2012 election, once again millions of "Christians" voted for the Liar-in-Chief. Obviously the left-wing clergy had a lot to do with that as their flocks were fed a steady dose of secularism and moderation of the values that made America great. I'm tempted to change the name once again to something like the "Hard-Core, Right-Wing, Gun-Toting Conservative Coalition" but for brevity's sake, we'll stick with the current name! At any rate, we do covet your membership, prayers, hard work and faithfulness to the principles that we have tried to promote over these 15 years. We have had great success in Westmoreland and most surrounding counties (excluding Allegheny) in changing the voting patterns to the conservative brand. Many excellent patriots have come out of the Tea Party and 912 groups to take the lead making this positive turn of events happen.
But we need more folks if we are to turn the tide leading up the all important 2014 elections. So I humbly ask that you make a New Year's resolution to join the Conservative Coalition–our modest annual membership rates are remaining the same reflecting $12 for individuals and $20 for the family. Please use the enclosed membership form and envelope to send your outward sign that you have not given up the fight and have made a resolve to do all you can to keep America free and ward off the attacks from Obama and the Left!

The bulk of this newsletter will be devoted to the Sandy Hook School shootings and the cry for more gun control. Many people have had their fill of this tragedy, but I think there are lessons to be learned and actions taken to make us all safer and wiser. Whether or not you are a gun owner or have an interest in this subject, you should be aware that our Constitution is under attack from the most insidious group of Leftists to ever occupy the White House, and that they must be stopped. At this point the Second Amendment is the MOST important one to stave off any government takeover. We have enough pro-gun members in the House to stop any new measures, but we must watch for any executive orders the "Traitor-in-Chief" may dream up to disarm us.

The horrific killings of innocent school children by a madman in Connecticut has shocked the nation, especially when most of us have kids or grandkids in that 6-8 age bracket. Most of us have been hardened by previous killings and realize that every time some outrageous act is committed, the anti-gun crowd is ready, willing and able to twist the situation and always blame the gun. But when innocents are slaughtered, the hype is magnified many times. For two weeks, this tragic story was front page news and the lead story on every TV program. This Lanza creature was the definition of evil and all the attempts to lay his actions at the doorstep of mental health, autism and other psychological problems is merely a backhanded ploy to make a move on our guns. We were told to "hug our children a little tighter" that evening and that is not a bad idea. But I would also give a little "hug" to your guns, as they are in mortal danger from Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, Holder and a host of other enemies of the Second Amendment.

Obama made the obligatory visit to meet with the families and spoke of the tragedy later that day. He mentioned how these little children never had the chance to graduate, have families and fulfill their dreams. He invoked words from Psalm 147 about "God healing the broken-hearted and binding up their wounds." Immediately he was hailed as a man of compassion and wisdom as he supposedly wrote most of his own speech. Give me a break! I dare say that was the first time he ever saw those words of Scripture, and they were probably chosen by one of his aides. Obama also failed to mention that in his hometown of Chicago, a city with some of the toughest gun laws, 450 school aged children were shot in 2012! We knew for sure he would never use the words from Jesus when our Saviour said in Matthew 18, "Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.!" The blood on Obama's hands from supporting abortion, including partial birth, over the years has prevented millions of children from even taking their first breath and makes him a hypocrite of the first order! His appearance at this shooting site in CT is like Herod showing up in Bethlehem showing concern after he had all the little boys two years old and younger killed while he searched to destroy the baby Jesus!

It is great to see such an increase in weapons sales across the country as that sets the liberals on edge with tens of thousands more rifles and handguns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. There seems to be a backlog of people trying to get gun permits, and the background check system is clogged with all the requests to buy guns legally. Kudos go to the NRA for suggesting that armed police officers or other trained guards be placed in our schools to ward off future threats. As the NRA's Wayne LaPierre said, "The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." This makes complete sense to me, but only IF those chosen to protect our schools are local people and not some contingent sent in by the State or Feds. Some have suggested that we employ returning vets to fill these positions, but I would be careful, as more than a few of our brave men have been through the psychological meat grinder in Iraq and Afghanistan and may not be the perfect person to guard a school.

LaPierre also made some good points about how the violent video games and movies that saturate the younger culture play into creating the mental and emotional makeup of these punks who usually are involved in these shootings. The "experts" say they can't conclude that there is a correlation between the two–these are usually the psychologists who also said that there is no relationship between the vermin watching pornography and the attacks and rapes on women and children! Usually these "experts" need a psychologist in the first place!

More kudos to the Butler area school district near Pittsburgh for already placing armed guards in their schools. It is up to us to see that our districts follow suit. Naturally the NEA and other teacher unions are alarmed that ANY guns would be allowed in the schools. They dream up situations where older students would attack the teachers or administrators to take their guns. No one is saying that every teacher should carry a gun–it should be a personal choice (the liberals are always for choice, except school choice). But to leave schools and other public venues defenseless is as crazy as these killers preying on the helpless. The day after the CT shootings, a crazed man entered a hospital in Birmingham, AL and shot and wounded two people. He was killed on the spot by an armed guard but this positive outcome episode hardly made the news.
Within two weeks of the CT massacre, several other high profile shootings occurred that drew national attention. One was in Oregon at a shopping mall. Some loon killed two shoppers and wounded several others until he was confronted by a young man who had a pistol. Just the presence of some opposition caused the shooter to kill himself. A killer in Blair County, PA randomly shot a woman who was decorating a church for a Christmas play and two other men outside their homes. When police closed in, he shot himself, but tragically, all his victims died. These monsters never just kill themselves first but have to "make a name for themselves" before exiting this world. The next crime was committed by an ex-con who set fire to his truck and home to lure firefighters to the scene in upstate New York. When they arrived, he shot and killed two and wounded two more before a policeman showed up and returned fire. This scumbag fled and killed himself. At least 7 homes were destroyed and authorities believe that another body found in his home was that of his sister. He left a rambling letter of how "he liked to kill". It turns out that this piece of trash had murdered his grandmother more than 20 years ago and had served 17 years in prison before being released in 2006! Instead of looking at the guns that he got illegally with the help of a neighbor, let's look at the parole system that released this killer in the first place. Let's also revisit the Death Penalty where we can positively state that if this murderer had been executed, at least 3 more people would have been alive to enjoy Christmas and hundreds of thousands of dollars would have been saved over the years that was wasted in keeping this low life alive! The same could be said for the several thousand on Death Row across the country that costs hundreds of millions a year to keep them breathing while their victims and the grieving families have a living nightmare on their hands. The names of Travaglia, Lesko, Baumhammers, Poploski immediately come to mind in the Pittsburgh area. Add to that the disgusting father who slashed the throats of his two daughters and wife who recently only received a life sentence.

Major Nadal Hassan from Fort Hood is still awaiting his trial for his killing 14 of his fellow soldiers three years ago! Proceedings are now being held up as officials decide whether or not he is allowed to wear a beard in the courtroom! This terrorist should have been put to death three years ago but the insanity of our court system drags these types of cases out for years. We talk about "green on blue" killings of our troops in Afghanistan that have taken 60 lives during 2012 where locals we train turn around and kill our men. Hassan's rampage set the stage for this type of action, and the sooner we rid the world of this scum the better!

In typical liberal NY fashion, perhaps the most shocking story to arise out of the firefighter killings was that a local newspaper published all the names and addresses of those holding gun permits in several surrounding counties! Some people were horrified to learn that their neighbors actually owned a gun! The first question is how was the paper able to obtain what most would consider private information from the sheriff's office? Once this is determined, folks should be prosecuted and heads roll. These thousands of innocent gun owners have the power to put that paper out of business just by cancelling their subscriptions and hopefully will do so. But the more one thinks about this breach of privacy, all types of scenarios come to mind. How about a rival paper publishing the names and addresses of all ex-felons focusing on child molesters? What about revealing those who did not vote in the last few elections? What about those arrested for DUI's, shop lifting, speeding and other minor offences?

Despite all the liberal Media polls stating the people want the government to control guns, I believe average Americans are smart enough to defend themselves and are taking the right measures by sending gun sales through the roof. A few cities have offered a "gun buy-back" program where stupid people turn in their weapons for gift cards and a chance to feel better about themselves. This nonsense gets the normal Media play and a few police chiefs say they are making their towns safer. But they never mention the story about Kennesaw, GA, a town of 32,000 people. Kennesaw has had a law in effect since 1982 that says EVERY homeowner must have a gun! In the 30 years since this measure was enacted, there have only been four murders and three of them occurred in a school that was a "gun-free" zone! I personally don't know how that "gun-free" zone was allowed to be created in the first place but, if you throw that tragic event out, you have a very safe city filled with guns!
You can be sure that dozens of proposals will be offered to control sales of guns and ammunition during the coming months, especially with Joe Biden now being asked by Obama to head up the Commission to curb violence! Joe won't even talk with the NRA, but I think common sense is on our side and we will win the day. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS and it probably isn't a bad idea to add to what you may already have.
I hope you landed on both feet as we went over the Fiscal Cliff! We knew that Obama and the Media would twist and distort any and all proposals by conservatives and the GOP by portraying us as only for the rich and not for the Middle Class. We knew that any "solution" would mean more spending and taxes. No one really knows what the final outcome will be except that our economy will be stifled and spending will skyrocket. The Tea Party and other conservatives have been maligned through this process, but as these socialist policies play out, we will be ready to expose how the people have been fooled by the lies and deception by Obama and the Left. We must hammer away at the truth as we crack through the false claims that we can spend our way into prosperity.
Congressional hearings have produced very little progress on this debacle partly because of the bizarre happenings to Hillary Clinton. She conveniently suffered a concussion by falling at home right before she was to testify. Amazingly she never went to the hospital and now we learned on 12/31 that she has a blood clot. With the devious people that run our country who can really believe anything you are told. But the bottom line is that no one has been able to get straight answers from those involved and no one has been able to question or interview the 20-30 survivors of those attacks, who should be able to shed more light on the subject since they were there! God bless Darrel Issa, Louie Gohmert, Charles Grassley and others willing to take on the Obama/Clinton/Holder team of traitors that hold sway in Washington. Hopefully in 2013 we can get to the bottom of this tragedy and indict and prosecute those responsible for these murders. Please call your Representatives and tell them you want answers now! The Capitol number is 202-224-3121.
Because Obama will be inaugurated on January 22nd, the annual Pro-Life March in Washington will take place on Friday, January 25th. Dozens of buses will be leaving the Pittsburgh area and if you want to participate, please call Mary Lou Gartner at 412-793-0807. She is with People Concerned for the Unborn Child (PCUC).
On Saturday, January 19th, PCUC will hold their annual prayer breakfast at the Comfort Inn on Rodi Road in Penn Hills. The event begins at 10AM and the cost is $15. The featured speaker is Pastor Sean Kirkland from the Living Word Church in Penn Hills. Reservations must be made by January 10th and for more details call PCUC at 412-531-9272
Thanks to all who made the phone calls to convince Governor Tom Corbett to say NO to the health care exchanges. He joined more than 20 other governors who did likewise and this action should slow down and cause people to take a harder look at Obamacare and the associated costs and funding practices.
This annual event chaired by our good friend Lowman Henry will be held on April 19-20 in Harrisburg. They always have top notch speakers and this year is no different. The keynote guest is Stephen Hayes, Senior writer for The Weekly Standard and FOX News contributor. This is a great opportunity to meet with hundreds of fellow conservatives to make plans to roll back the Socialist tide infecting our nation. We will provide more updates as April draws near but please plan on attending. Give Lowman a call at 717-671-0776 for more details.

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