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    Wed, March 23, 2016

    2015-2016 State Budget to Become Law

    Representative Dave Reed, Majority Leader
    62nd Legislative District
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    Media Contact: Stephen Miskin
    717-705-7173 (Office) 717-756-3936 ...

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    Mon, October 05, 2015

    In PA: Carson, Trump Tie in Mercyhurst Poll

    Tue, September 29, 2015

    Remembering Doris O'Donnell

    (Editor's Note: Doris O'Donnell was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc. This article first appeared in the Pittsburgh ...

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    Wed, September 16, 2015

    Jeff Lord Emerges as CNN 'Conservative Rock Star'

    Mon, September 14, 2015

    Toomey Launches Re-Election Bid

    Mon, September 14, 2015

    Scott Walker Pushes Union Restrictions

    Thu, August 06, 2015

    Special Election Strengthens Conservatives, Not Wolf

    It didn't take long for Democrats to try to spin the loss of a union boss in the 161st district as a referendum on Republicans. According to the statement from the Democratic Representative-elect, as ...

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    Tue, August 04, 2015

    Former PA Senator Schweiker Dies

    By Brad Bumsted and Salena Zito
    This article appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    NORRISTOWN – Former U.S. Sen. Richard S. Schweiker of Pennsylvania, a liberal Republican ...

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    Tue, July 28, 2015

    McGinty Conflicts of Interest Abound

    Mon, May 11, 2015

    Toomey Lead Continues to Grow

    Thu, May 07, 2015

    Santorum to Announce Presidential Bid

    Tue, April 21, 2015

    Gizzi: Walker Wins PA Straw Poll

    Mon, April 20, 2015

    Sharyl Attkisson Addresses PLC

    Thu, January 08, 2015

    Grand Jury Recommends Kane be Charged

    Wed, November 05, 2014

    CAP Scores Election Wins

    Although the Governor's race will receive the lion's share of attention, there were some important victories for taxpayers last night in House and Senate races.

    CAP's lone endorsed ...

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    Wed, July 23, 2014

    Sen. Wagner: Union Wages War on Taxpayers

    Wed, July 23, 2014

    Santorum Considers Presidential Run

    Tue, July 15, 2014

    Convicted Leaders Now Identified

    Fri, May 30, 2014

    Woerner Files Complaint Over Mailers

    Wed, April 16, 2014

    Tax Breaks for Small Business?

    By Andrew Staub | PA Independent

    As people across the country rushed to file their tax returns on time Tuesday, a group of Pennsylvania lawmakers offered up a ...

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    Thu, November 14, 2013

    Toomey Statement on Obamacare 'Fix'

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nov. 14, 2013
    Contact: E.R. Anderson (202) 224-8609
    WASHINGTON, D.C. —U.S. ...

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    Wed, September 11, 2013

    Gun Control Lawmakers Recalled in Colorado

    Fri, September 06, 2013

    State Rep. Dick Hess Dies

    Thu, June 20, 2013

    Time to End Capitol Stock and Franchise Tax

    Have you ever had a nightmare and no matter how many times you try to wake up, it just keeps coming back? Businesses in Pennsylvania that are paying the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax know this ...

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    Tue, June 04, 2013

    State Education Funding Made Easy

    Wed, May 08, 2013

    Castor Won't Challenge Corbett

    Thu, May 02, 2013

    Campbell Strikes a Blow for Transparency

    Pennsbury School Director Simon Campbell posts factfinder's report on his web site: upholds both right to free speech and state open records law:

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    Mon, February 18, 2013

    Ten GOP Lawmakers Forego Pensions

    Mon, February 18, 2013

    Toomey on the Fast Track

    Wed, January 23, 2013

    Union Membership Falls to 70 Year Low

    Wed, November 28, 2012

    Toomey 'Fiscal Cliff' Compromise Revived

    Bowles, Simpson: Deal won't get done with people being absolutists
    By: John Gizzi
    11/28/2012 12:45 PM

    The co-chairmen of the now-famous Simpson-Bowles ...

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    Tue, November 27, 2012

    Santorum 'Open' to 2016 Run

    Tue, August 07, 2012

    Santorum to Speak at GOP Convention

    Mon, July 23, 2012

    Smith Blasts Casey Record on Tax Hikes

    "Casey Walking A Tightrope"

    In The 2006 Campaign Casey Opposed Tax Cuts For Individuals Making More Than $200,000:

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    Tue, November 15, 2011

    November is National Adoption Month

    ***NEWS RELEASE***

    For Immediate Release
    November 15, 2011

    Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, 215.815.7716, 610.584.1096,

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    Mon, October 10, 2011

    Citizens Alliance Targes GOP Senators

    Mon, August 08, 2011

    Citizens Alliance Targets Pensions

    Mon, August 08, 2011

    Buck's County Women Tea Party Darlings

    Fri, August 05, 2011

    Toomey Solidifies Himself as GOP Fiscal Authority

    Tue, July 19, 2011

    Citizens Alliance Takes Aim at Pensions

    Tue, June 28, 2011

    Toomey Signs Cut, Cap ~Balance Pledge

    Mon, June 06, 2011

    Santorum Launches White House Bid

    Tue, May 10, 2011

    Toomey Proposes New Federal Budget

    Fri, November 05, 2010

    GOP Lays Out Priorities

    Leaders defer to governor-elect for budget plans

    NOVEMBER 3, 2010 | by ERIC BOEHM

    After a wave of victories on Election Day ...

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    Tue, September 14, 2010

    House Dems Craft $1.2 Billion Transportation Plan

    Would raise gasoline tax, PennDOT fees, and create new oil company profits tax
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 | by ERIC BOEHM

    House Democrats have crafted an alternative ...

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    Fri, August 06, 2010

    State Takes Private Property

    Pennsylvania Earns a 'D' in Civil Asset Forfeiture Law
    Millions in property seized from individuals not chaged with crimes

    AUGUST 4, 2010 | by DARWYYN ...

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    Wed, August 04, 2010

    Pittsburgh's Tunnel to Nowhere Heads Bad Stimulus Projects

    AUGUST 3, 2010 | by ERIC BOEHM

    A Pittsburgh commuter rail project called "a tragic mistake" by none other than Gov. Ed Rendell and described as a ...

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    Thu, July 15, 2010

    Sanctum Santorum

    Wed, June 30, 2010

    Budget Agreement: $28 Billion

    Increases spending by $182 million next year

    JUNE 29, 2010 | by ERIC BOEHM

    After legislators met long into the night on Monday ...

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    Wed, October 28, 2009

    FBI Raids PA Turnpike HQ

    Click here to read report in Toll Road News:

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    Fri, October 09, 2009

    Let Freedom Ring Plays Hardball to Keep Congress Accountable

    Wed, April 15, 2009

    PA Pro-Life News

    April 15, 2009

    Pennsylvania Pro-Life Online News from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

    A twice-monthly publication of the ...

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    Fri, April 10, 2009

    Conservative Reform Network

    Conservative Reform Network
    The Newsletter for Independent, Conservative Political Activists

    In This Issue
    Conservative Reform Network

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    Wed, March 25, 2009

    Specter Trails Toomey by Double Digits in New Poll

    March 25, 2009, 9:05 a.m.
    By Shira Toeplitz
    Roll Call Staff

    Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) trailed his likely primary opponent by double digits in a poll released Wednesday by ...

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    Tue, February 10, 2009

    Toomey Heartens His Supporters in Harrisburg

    By Bradley Vasoli, The Bulletin
    Published: Monday, February 09, 2009

    Harrisburg – Pat Toomey stoked fervent interest in his possible gubernatorial ...

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    Fri, December 19, 2008

    A Conservative Lion Passes

    By John Rossomando, The Philadelphia Bulletin
    Published: Friday, December 19, 2008

    Few people have had as great an impact on American politics as Paul M. ...

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    Fri, December 19, 2008

    Conservative Icon Paul Weyrich Dies; Fueled Reagan Revolution

    By Bill Steigerwald
    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Paul Weyrich, on whose intellectual footer much of the foundation of the modern conservative ...

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    Fri, November 21, 2008

    PA Family Update

    Volume 4, Issue 28
    November 20, 2008
    The Pennsylvania Family Institute's weekly update to concerned ...

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    Thu, November 13, 2008

    Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, 78, Has Died

    HARRISBURG (AP) ― Catherine Baker Knoll, who at age 72 became the first woman to be elected as Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, died Wednesday. She was 78.

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    Mon, October 13, 2008

    Conservative Reform Network News

    Conservative Reform Network
    The Newsletter for Independent, Conservative Political Activists

    In This Issue
    Conservative Reform Network

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    Wed, September 24, 2008


    Perzel ~Ally Face Suit Over Anonymous Robo Calls

    GrassrootsPA has learned that former Republican State House candidate Lowell Gates has filed a massive 7 figure lawsuit against former House Speaker John Perzel, his close political ally Michael ...

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