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PA Union Membership: What Is It Telling Us?

(February 26, 2015)--Pennsylvania's overall union membership as a
percentage of employment held steady at 12.7 percent in 2014,
unchanged from 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
While total employment rose by 27,700, union membership rose 1,900.
Nationally, the ...

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America's Future Depends on Which Republican Wins

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama pledged to "change the trajectory of
America," to discard the political triangulation of the Clinton years and
transform the Democratic Party.

President Obama has remade his ...

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Lawsuit Targets 'Ghost Teachers'

For Immediate Release
The Fairness Center
Contact: Cindy Hamill

PFT 'Ghost Teachers' Do Union Work on School Time
Lawsuit Filed Today Says Union Practice is Abusive and Illegal


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L. Brent Bozell to Speak at PLC

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lowman S. Henry
(717) 671-0776

L. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center
to Speak at 2015 PA Leadership Conference

(Harrisburg, PA) — L. Brent ...

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Why is the Party of Free Enterprise Afraid of Competition?

An early, but unofficial, entry into the 2016 Presidential race by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush jump started the fight for the Republican presidential nomination. National party leaders are working hard to see that it also ends early. This in the mistaken belief that a battle lasting deep into ...

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Taxpayer Protection Act

For Immediate Release
Commonwealth Foundation
Contact: Cindy Hamill
(856) 607-4208

Safeguard Family Finances with the Taxpayer Protection Act
Responsible Spending Boosts Job, Population, and Income Growth

February 23, ...

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NFIB Supports Limits to State Spending

National Federation of Independent Business 225 State Street, Suite B Harrisburg, PA 17101 717/232-8582 Fax: 717/232-4098
CONTACT: Suzanne Stoltenberg 717-232-8582 x1

NFIB supports legislative efforts to limit state spending ...

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Rudy's Right!

Editor's note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator.
Rudy Giuliani is being roundly criticized for several recent statements he has made about President Barack Obama, including the claim that Obama in his youth was influenced by a literal communist. I cannot address all of ...

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Behind the Headlines Program Schedule

Behind the Headlines
Now airing on all Comcast Systems in Pennsylvania
For the weeks of February 23 and March 2, 2015

Employer Workforce Needs and the Impact of Museums on our Quality of Life

Gene Barr of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and ...

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Why Honor Should Always Trump Defeat

(This article was first published by Newsmax.)

There's good news and bad. The bad is that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is awarding championship rings to his city's Jackie Robinson West Little League team, despite the glaring fact that they lost their title for ...

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