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Scott Paterno
Scott Paterno

Uncomfortable Truth Blog

by Scott Paterno

Who are we subsidizing?

October 26, 2011

In his latest effort to make his re-election relevant to an increasingly restless youth block that he desperately needs, President Obama later today will announce a program to make student loans "more affordable."

One has to wonder how on earth this man can be called a populist. Consider: the way it is structured there is almost no downside to running up a huge bill in college and grad school, taking a job at McDonald's (if your PhD in Transgender issues qualifies you, which I doubt) and just hanging out until you hit 50, when all your $300K of debt will be forgiven -- remember, repayment is capped at 10% of income per year for 20 years...

And who is paying off the balance of those debts? Middle America, who sent their kids to state schools and community colleges on their own dime, only to see their taxes go up to pay off the debts of Ivy leaguers with too much liberal in their education and way too few useful arts.

This is the champion of the poor? Taking billions of dollars from the many to benefit an elite few the most?

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