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After a bout of “Global Warming” cancelled our January meeting, we are planning our February meeting on Tuesday, the 27th. Please note this is the FOURTH Tuesday instead of our normal third Tuesday schedule. We changed to the 27th as we have the opportunity to have KCarl Smith come and be our main speaker. KCArl is a black Christian gentleman from Alabama who is President and CEO of Liberty Messenger USA. He is nationally known for his excellent defense of conservative and Republican views that encourages Republicans to engage with the black community, as more often than not our views are much like theirs, even though the Democrats have painted the GOP as anti-black and anti- minority.

He is the author of Frederick Douglass Republicans and has spoken to more than 300 faith-based and conservative organizations across America. He has also appeared on FOX News, the 700 Club, The Blaze and other conservative media outlets. KCarl is a former U. S. Army field officer who completed the Army’s Airborne and Assault schools and is a patriot and American through and through.

You will not want to miss his powerful presentation which will be held at the “Warehouse”, 2230 Boyd Road in Export, adjacent to Cornerstone Ministries. We will begin at 7:00 PM.  I urge you to bring your friends and neighbors to hear him. We may also have a candidate or two show up to say a few words and there will be petitions to sign for those running for the various State and Federal offices.




Just about everyone knows what has been happening in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District during the last 6 months. Every ten minutes there is an ad on television recommending the GOP’s Rick Saccone or else Conor Lamb for the Democrats to fill this vacant seat. As I said before, the indiscretions of former Congressman Tim Murphy have caused an upheaval in our backyard that is having national implications.

While Murphy was in a relatively safe seat and had been for a few terms, his hypocrisy and ouster has emboldened the Democrats to the point where they think they can capture this seat in the special election to be held on Tuesday, March 13th. If successful, that would cause shock waves throughout the country as the 18th District gave PresidentTrump a 19% victory in 2016 and was the major reason Pennsylvania carried the day for Trump’s  election. A Democratic victory could have a domino effect in the mid-term elections and cause us to lose the GOP support in Congress that Trump needs to carry on his agenda to “Make America Great Again”!




Between now and March 13th we MUST be passing out literature, making phone calls, placing signs in strategic places and getting friends to fill out absentee ballots if they are shut-ins or will be out of town. Turnout will be the key, and we know the Dems are trying their best to attack Rick and round up the pro-union crowd to again return to pulling the “D” lever, even if they voted for Trump in 2016.

Republicans have a tendency to become complacent in these types of elections and this time complacency could prove to be fatal. I urge you all to get involved in making sure that Rick Saccone is the victor as there is not a finer man to represent our Christian and Conservative values in Washington than Rick. Whether you are in the 18th District or not, you obviously know people who live there, so contact them and make sure they vote and if you have the time, you can always volunteer to help the cause by going to www.ricksaccone.com.



Once again a killer has reigned terror on a public institution, this time killing 17 innocent people at a high school in Parkland, FL. The bodies had hardly been indentified and already the Democrats were crying for more gun control while the GOP’s answer was we need more mental health programs! Throw in the “fake news” that claimed this was the 18th “mass shooting” at a school in 2018, and you have no real answers and only more confusion. When someone actually looked at these 18 school shootings, it was found that in over half of them, NO ONE WAS KILLED OR EVEN INJURED. These were cases where someone fired a gun at or near a school with no casualties yet they were referred to as “mass shootings”! There were two suicides among these stories and several drive-by shootings did kill two students. In Kentucky, several were killed and more than a dozen were wounded in January so this could be classified as a “mass shooting”. Even FOX News fell for this nonsense until the facts were revealed, but it was one more example of how the Media twists and distorts these stories so they can blame the guns and not the evil and mindless scum that carry out these attacks.

But let’s return to Florida for a moment. The killer, a 19 year old named Cruz, had been identified as a possible threat on at least TWO occasions but the FBI failed to act on the tips provided. Heads ought to roll over that huge failure—was the FBI too occupied with trying to find more collusion between Trump and the Russians?

Fellow students said that if anyone was going to shoot up their school, it would be Cruz. The red flags were flying everywhere but no one acted to stop this creature. After the fact, the defense attorney called him a “broken child”. What type of idiocy calls a cold-blooded killer a child? Analysts are saying that he had mental issues but was yet able to get a semi-automatic rifle. NO LAW would have stopped this crime, but action by authorities sure would have had a chance. Also having some armed guards at the school could have had a positive effect as well.

In most of these incidents, the killer usually commits suicide or is killed by the police, but this coward just walked away, went to a fast food place to eat and was picked up walking down the road.

Since he confessed to this horrific crime, some say he might be spared the death penalty! How insane is that idea! If he admits to the killings after planning out the crime in detail, that sure indicates to me that he isn’t mentally ill and if there was ever a case that called for an execution, this is it. The law should demand it as officials are afraid there may be copycats planning the same type of murder. If Cruz is executed, maybe these would be copycats will hesitate if they see their hero put to death and realize this moment of fame isn’t worth going to the electric chair!

The bottom line from this and any future shootings is NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS as they are not the problem. Demand these killers be put to death, thus saving countless millions of dollars,, and stop the political correctness that halts warning signs from being acted on quickly so these horror stories are kept to a minimum.


We have spent a lot of time on the Rick Saccone Congressional race as it is in our own backyard plus it is very crucial to our conservative cause. However, we also have races for Governor, Lt. Governor, the State House and Senate races, the U. S. Senate race plus the other Congressional House races. Those Congressional seats are in turmoil as no one knows how the lines of those Districts will end up looking once Governor Wolf and the Democratic Supreme Court have their say. This is a result of too many Republicans sitting out these court elections, believing those off year races aren’t important.

We must get rid of Governor Tom Wolf, who has been a disaster during the last four years along with Senator Bob Casey. Lou Barletta seems to be the man to unseat Casey while several challengers to take out Wolf have lined up. Senator Scott Wagner and businessman Paul Mango are the GOP front runners to challenge Wolf while at least four people are vying for Lt. Governor. The Conservative Coalition has always been against endorsements in the primary season but our views don’t prevail when the GOP State Committee meets. They endorsed Scott Wagner in February and he has chosen Jeff Bartos for his Lt. Governor. Bartos seems to be damaged goods as he has contributed to Planned Parenthood in the past! Paul Mango has chosen Diana Irey Vaughn as his running mate to counter the Wagner/Bartos duo. You will be hearing a lot more about those folks, but I’d like to mention Joe Gale, who is also running for Lt. Governor. He is the youngest Commissioner ever elected from Montgomery County and I met him several weeks ago. Joe has all the conservative credentials to shake up Harrisburg and I urge you to consider him when you vote in the May 15th Primary. Peg Luksik is running for that position as well and she certainly has all the knowledge and character to be a good Lt. Governor.