2016: Funniest Political Year Ever?

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Many Americans who voted for Donald Trump harbored reservations, but, post-election, Trump’s cabinet picks and, especially, the overwrought, but entertaining paroxysms of left-wing losers vindicated the judgment of once-hesitant Trump voters.

Hillary Clinton squandered a record $1.2 billion on a campaign juggernaut that ripped through $131.8 million in the final weeks alone. Clinton, whose party has publicly pledged to remove money from politics, spent twice as much as Trump – and lost. That’s three good laughs. Here’s another: On Election Day, the Clintonistas were so confident of winning that they popped champagne on her campaign plane en route to Hillary’s victory party.
The Hill reported: "Democratic donors stung by Hillary Clinton’s upset loss…feel like they just set their money on fire." Clearly, Hillary’s donors weren’t amused.

California provided Hillary’s entire meaningless popular vote margin. Without California and New York City, Trump would have enjoyed a "yuuuge" popular vote win. Trump’s election energized "Calexit," a California secession movement. In December, Calexit opened its first "embassy" — in Moscow. Odd. Didn’t Democrats blame Russia for Hillary’s failure?
After President-elect Trump tweeted that flag-burners should face legal consequences, hard-left activists took the bait and burned American flags outside a Manhattan Trump property. Those people aren’t merely stupid, they are profoundly, comically dumber’n a sack of hammer handles.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein milked $3.5 million from desperate Democrats to pay for a Wisconsin recount which increased Donald Trump’s winning margin by 131 votes – or $26,717.56 each.

Michigan’s partial recount did reveal voting irregularities, but only in Detroit where Hillary won 95 percent of votes reported. Fewer than one-third of Detroit’s voting precincts matched ballot totals with registration records. 248 precincts counted more votes than the number of voters who appeared. Even fraud couldn’t drag Hillary over Michigan’s finish line.

Absurdly, humorless Democrats insisted that the disclosure of hacked — but authentic – Democratic campaign operatives’ emails threatened democracy, but the media/Clinton campaign collusion, primary deck-stacking, and party-organized violence the emails exposed and physical threats to Trump electors did not.

In a final ignominy, more electors abandoned Hillary (5) than Trump (2).

The left’s Trump freak-out descended into self-satire. One observer described it as mass hysteria, a psychological state in which "[w]hipping oneself into an embarrassing emotional lather is now considered righteous instead of ridiculous." Amusingly, campus bed-wetters underwent toddler therapy to cope with their self-pity, including coloring books, soap bubbles, Play-Doh and therapeutic puppy/kitten cuddling. When did children get the vote?

2016 marks the end of eight years during which a self-reverential president who confidently declared his policies to be America’s future and his critics on the "wrong side of history" presided over historic national and state political humiliations that will define his inglorious legacy. History has a finely-tuned sense of humor.

But, brace yourself. If you think graceless, vicious left-wing Democrats and their operatives in show business and among the national media are consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome now, wait until Jan. 20. It’s going to be hilarious.