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Our October meeting brought forth about 10 candidates for various offices in Westmoreland County and, by all reports, they acquitted themselves very well in expressing their views. Carolyn and I were on vacation that week, and we give special thanks to Marjie Provan/Matievich for running the meeting. One of the key features of the Conservative Coalition is that we have built a tremendous network of partners who are very willing and capable of stepping in to help when the need arises. I am blessed to be surrounded by a number of those friends who have helped in a mighty way over the years to help make my job as chairman much easier.
Of the candidates who came to the meeting, about half of them were successful on November 5th, and we send them our sincere congratulations on a job well done. The winners included Meagan DeFazio for Common Pleas Judge, Bryan Kline being returned as Clerk of Courts, Rich Jacobelli as the new mayor of Jeannette and Kathy McCormick being reelected to the Greensburg City Council. Deb Sompel, also running for a Greensburg Council seat, lost by TEN votes, once again showing how important every legitimate vote is.
To those who failed in their quest for victory, we commend them for their efforts and hard work in trying to make Westmoreland County a better place and hope they will continue to play a role in the public arena in the future.

Our November meeting on Tuesday, the 19th, will feature a one hour DVD of a speech that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gave to Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Conference in September in Washington, D.C. Mr. Gohmert is one of the most conservative members of the House and has been on point regarding Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, immigration, Obamacare and a host of other issues adversely affecting America. His talk will focus on the importance of grassroots politics and how "We the people", not the leaders in Washington, are the ones who are going to save America from our slide into Socialism.. I hope you will spend the evening with us at Cornerstone Ministries beginning at 7:00 PM. Cornerstone Ministries is located on Route 22 in Export. Please bring a carload of friends as we hold our last meeting of 2013 and learn how to prepare for the huge battle in 2014 to regain control of Congress putting it into truly Conservative hands.

These "off year" elections brought out the usual pathetic 20-25% of voters throughout the County, State and Nation. Analysts from both parties agree that if their side can "get out the vote" in these types of elections, they can win quite handily. In Pennsylvania, Vic Stabile, the conservative Republican running for Superior Court Judge, was victorious by garnering 51% of the 25% who turned out across the Keystone State. Obviously if more Democrats, who hold almost a million vote edge in PA, had shown up, he would have lost. Yet while I say that, the poll I worked at has 900 registered voters, of which over 500 are Democrats. 225 people voted with about 55% of those Democrats. YET, every Republican candidate won at my poll by a margin of 55-60% because over the years we have been able to convince these people to share our conservative values even though they have chosen to remain in the Democrat Party. I mention this because this is the definition of "grassroots" politics—something we must work and build on to improve our chances to take back the Senate next year.
On the national scene, NJ and VA were the main races that caught the country’s attention. Governor Chris Christie was a big winner in NJ swamping the Democrat by a 60-40% margin. Immediately, he is being hailed, especially by the mainstream Media, as the leading Presidential candidate in 2016 to help the GOP regain the White House. One should quickly question why would the main stream Media care about the GOP winning the White House as they have been a slave of the Democrats for decades? Also, let’s concentrate our efforts on 2014 before thinking too hard about 2016. Doing otherwise is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse.
Let’s switch to Virginia for a moment. Here in the cradle of freedom that produced Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Jay and other great leaders, this Commonwealth has sunk to a new level of stupidity! The two main contestants for Governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, were as different on the main issues as night and day. Yet a Libertarian decided to run (funded by the Democrats) and, sure enough, he siphoned off enough votes to allow McAuliffe to eke out a 1 ½% victory. The Libertarian received about 150,000 votes while Cuccinelli lost by about 50,000. Do the math knowing that most Libertarians would lean in the conservative direction when there is no other choice. Adding to the adverse outcome was the fact that the NRC cut back on contributions to Cuccinelli. After he lost, "Rinos" McCain and Hatch blamed the Tea Party!! Even with that evidence I still say plain and simple, anyone who voted third party in this race was and is STUPID, and because of their stupidity, all Virginians will have to live under the McAuliffe socialist policies. How many times are these ventures going to suck people into voting third party and then have Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown? Do the names of Al Franken, Claire McCaskill and Tim Keene ring a bell from MN, MO and VA where third party candidates prevented conservatives from winning these Senate races?
I know very well that in 2014 there will be more cases of third parties raising their unwelcome heads to muddy the waters, thus possibly preventing the GOP from retaking control of the Senate. I believe these differences in views should be sorted out in the Primary elections, but when that process is over, use some common sense and see what the big picture is like and recognize what a serious mistake it will be to hand over a crucial Senate seat to a liberal, thus giving that weasel Harry Reid more power!
How many more adjectives are there to describe what a disaster this vile law has become in six weeks? Every conservative and common sense concern has come to pass with more incredible stories everyday of how people are confused and losing their health care. The Liar-in-Chief has been exposed for the fraud he is but once again the Media has rushed to his defense. For being the most brilliant President that we have ever had, he seems to be in the dark on just about any subject. "He didn’t know" and I’m sorry" are the two phrases coming out of the White House these days. Even though he said more than 25 times, "If you like your health care, you can keep it," the American people are blamed for not understanding what this Communist was saying to them! And of course, it is now the insurance companies’ fault for the cancellations of policies, not the onerous government regulations hidden away in Obamacare! The hallmark of any tyrant is to deceive the people and this Liar takes the cake!
Jay Leno summarized Obamacare in the best terms when he said after the first few days, "More people have walked on the Moon than have signed up for Obamacare"! The so-called glitches have turned into a major snafu, but instead of shutting down the system, they are trying to fix it on the fly and only adding to the problems. Even some Democrats are finally seeing the wisdom of taking a deep breath and stepping back and delaying implementation for a year or so. Of course, I want the entire system to implode on the wave of their own arrogance and would love to see their pride go before a great fall.
Obama has called in Jeff Fietz to fix the system, and it just so happens that he once worked for Bane Capital! This is the very same Bane Capital that Mitt Romney headed up and was vilified by the Dems and Media during last year’s election. Yet no mention is made of this fact nor has Feitz been automatically disqualified for the job by his Bane connection. The hypocrisy is beyond belief. While speaking of Bane, we also remember that part of the attack on Romney centered around a man who said his wife died of cancer because Bane had cut off her health care benefits for treatments. Later it was proven that the woman had not lost any benefits but had moved to another job and died while there. If we fast forward to today, there are many cancer patients losing their previous coverage under the rules of Obamacare, yet their stories are barely making the news, other than on FOX.
The most blatant example is of a woman named Edie Sundby from CA, who has been undergoing stage 4 cancer treatment for 7 years. She just learned that her life-giving treatments will end 12/31/13 because her insurance policy does not meet the new mandated requirements of Obamacare! To rub salt further into her wound, White House aide, Dan Pfieffer, made the outlandish charge that she and her insurance company were at fault, not Obamacare. More compassion and concern from the foulest regime in American history! Only the Wall Street Journal, FOX and a few other outlets have aired this woman’s plight, but you can be sure that thousands of other people are caught in the vortex of an out of control, degenerate bunch of thugs in the White House!
During Obama’s apology tour, he said he was sorry if some people misinterpreted his remarks about being able to keep their health care. Then he admitted that about 5% of the people would be affected, which sounds on the surface like a small number until you figure there are 300 million folks in America which quickly translates to 15 million affected! This Communist stooge must be further exposed, and I pray every day that God will bring down his term and that he is swept away in his own set of lies and policies. Obamacare may just do that very thing!
One final thought—what if more people called on the Great Physician Jesus Christ to not only heal their bodies and souls but also America? As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s resolve to do just that!
One of our good members is very politically astute and recently caused a stir with an excellent editorial he wrote to the Tribune Review. His name is Bob Howard and I’ll let him speak for himself:
"My Op-Ed is in response to an Op-Ed by Joseph Sabino Mistick, a lawyer, law professor and political analyst living in Squirrel Hill. In Mr. Mistick’s review of Governor Corbett, he cited Ohio Governor John Kasich as defeating "the far right Tea Party elements in his own party" to expand Medicaid. He further used Governor Kasich’s representation of the expansion as "Christian compassion." Upon reading Mr. Mistick’s Op-Ed, it was necessary to explain that compassion and in particular Christian compassion is not stealing from the next generation to brag about one’s compassion." Here is my rebuttal that was published November 4th in the TRIB.
"In Joseph Sabino Mistick’s op-ed entitled, ‘Tom Corbett is suddenly alone’, published October 27th, we are treated to the view that any righteous person with an ounce of compassion and a heart with a speck of generosity would jump at the opportunity to take free federal money and give it to the poor. It is even suggested via the use of a quote that this represents ‘Christian compassion.’ This argument attempts to marginalize anyone courageous enough to seek a better solution.
The reality is there is no free lunch. Is it compassion to steal more than $17 trillion from the next generation, including the unborn, so that you can proudly declare your compassion and generosity?! In fact–since Christianity was brought into this discussion—it was Christianity’s Founder who called those engaged in stealing from others to provide charity "vipers’" and "clean on the outside but dirty on the inside." Is it compassion to pretend money from Washington is free? Is it compassion to lie and use other people’s money so that we can proudly proclaim our superior humanity? Is not the real act of compassion, in the face of criticism, to have the courage to reform the system instead of perpetuating for political power the fraud that we can throw "other people’s money" at the problem for free?
Isn’t compassion addressing why Pennsylvania is spending 34% more per person on Medicaid than surrounding states? Isn’t compassion addressing why fewer Pennsylvania doctors are accepting Medicaid? What good is coverage if there is no care?
It appears that some believe that compassion is bragging about putting more people on the government plantation even when the plantation is not sustainable. Should these people be called "vipers" or rewarded with votes for their great compassion? Prior to engaging in fraudulent compassion and generosity with "other people’s money", let’s engage in some critical thinking and reward a governor demanding sustainable results. It’s time to demand that our leaders focus on the next generation instead of the next election."
Thanks Bob for a succinct summary of the Left’s hypocrisy using Christian values for their own socialist agenda. Bob’s remarks are vital because nearly every public office from Governor down to the local mayor is full of people who have these "compassionate" giveaway ideas with our hard earned tax dollars. These ideas need to be refuted with common sense and economic sanity.
We mentioned last month that the killings have increased in Iraq to the tune of several thousand per month since U.S. troops were withdrawn. The same carnage has picked up in Afghanistan in advance of our scheduled withdrawal in 2014. Only a fool (or traitor like Obama) would send signals to the enemy and issue a timetable of retreat, yet that is what is happening in the War on Terror. The will to truly win has never been there from our leaders while our brave soldiers have been the recipients of the ensuing attacks along with our allies who will be sitting ducks once we leave.
While Benghazi has left many unanswered questions and more evidence has surfaced that the survivors of that attack have been placed off limits to interviews and testimony, the parents and friends of the Seal Team Six who died after killing Osama Bin Laden are gaining steam. If you recall after Obama approved the raid that killed Osama, he and the gloating VP Biden broke all the rules of warfare by even mentioning who carried out the attack. Biden let the cat out of the bag and others followed suit naming Seal Team Six as the heroes. Sgt. Aaron Vaughn, one of the Seal members, said he was shocked when Biden spilled the beans. He told his parents that Biden’s foolish remarks had painted a target on all the Seals’ backs and they would be in grave danger. Less than three months later his concerns came to a fatal conclusion as a Taliban missile shot down a Chinook helicopter killing 30 of our finest troops including 22 Seals, all from Team Six. The treachery, arrogance and false bravado of the Obama regime caused Aaron’s father Billy to write a book entitled Betrayed. Hopefully this expose will gain traction and help take down the nest of rabble controlling our government.
Notice how all seems to be quiet in Syria, yet two months ago we were on the verge of striking that country. Thankfully, the American people rose up in opposition and demanded that we not intervene. May that same wave of opposition bring these other critical issues to the forefront and help topple the Obama regime!
• Anniversaries: 100 years ago both the Federal Reserve Act and the Graduated Income Tax were approved by Congress and signed into law by Woodrow Wilson. Fully 20% of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was established in America FIVE years BEFORE the Reds took over Russia! 80 years ago FDR recognized Russia and became friends with the Communist Butcher Joseph Stalin. It was also 80 years ago that "Uncle Joe" started killing millions of Ukranians through forced starvation in a holocaust greater than Hitler perpetrated against the Jews. Of course this mass famine was not reported and was considered a myth for years until overwhelming evidence surfaced to prove the monstrous acts by Stalin. Most responsible for the cover-up was the New York Times foreign reporter Walter Duranty, who denounced any anti-Stalin stories as false. The Times backed Duranty to the hilt as they have every other pro-Red activity since then. Even today, The Times is still carrying water for Obama all through the Obamacare debacle., defending and making excuses for the Liar at every turn.
• A positive anniversary occurred 150 years ago when Abraham Lincoln declared a national Day of Thanksgiving! The Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and George Washington formally recognized Thanksgiving but did not declare a special day. I can’t help but wonder what these Pilgrims and great Presidents would think of the way America celebrates this solemn event today. Feasts, football games and shopping trips to the malls all crowd the God of the Universe out of the picture. His people must repent and turn to the Author of all our Blessings and ask for his forgiveness and mercy!
• State Representative Rick Saccone has introduced a bill to bring God back into the school classrooms. He has written a book entitled God in Our Government recording all the historical evidence that God was and is the most vital part of America’s free and orderly society. Call his office at 412-653-1025 to congratulate him on his courage to challenge the ACLU and stand for righteousness!
• Representative Daryl Metcalfe is garnering support to impeach State Attorney General Katherine Kane because she refuses to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other laws she doesn’t agree with. Metcalfe’s belief is that the Attorney General must uphold and defend the law even if she is opposed to it. Otherwise chaos will prevail. Please call Daryl at 724-772-3110 and thank him for his stand.
• Gun Update: Reports are coming out of Mexico that many villages in remote areas have taken up arms to defend themselves against the violent drug cartels that have ruined their lives. Self defense groups are turning the tables on the criminals and arming themselves with military weapons to counter the firepower of the drug lords. Their courage is a lesson to all of us to stay armed and ready to defend our families and property despite what Obama, Schumer, Bloomberg and other anti-gun zealots tell us. Buy another gun!
• Books to Buy: American Betrayal by Diana West covers the secret assault on our Nation’s character.
George Washington’s Secret Six by Brian Killmeade–the spy ring that saved the Revolution.

In closing, Carolyn and I wish you and your families a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving. May God grant all of the strength and wisdom to continue the fight for the soul of America!