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Our September meeting on Tuesday, the 18th will be held at the “Warehouse,” located at 2230 Boyd Road across the road from Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville. We will begin at 7:00 PM and have a great agenda as we begin the fall offensive to continue to make America great! This election will bring out the worse from the Left and we are showing a DVD called “Profits of Hate” dealing with the Southern Poverty Law Center. This video exposes our enemies and how they trash many conservative groups while turning a blind eye to truly vile groups.

State Representative Rick Saccone will also join us with updates from Harrisburg plus remarks about his time in North Korea and other trouble spots around the world. There are a few other items on our agenda which will make your coming to this meeting worth your while. It will be good to see all of you again and bring some friends who are like-minded.

                             912 MEETING ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH

Linda Dupill is having her 912 Group meet on September 13th at Hoss’s on Route 22 in Murrysville. Gubanatorial candidate Scott Wagner is a confirmed guest that evening and invitations have been issued to Erik Nelson and Bob Brooks. Rep. George Dunbar has already confirmed .  The meeting begins at 7:00PM. If you want to come earlier and have dinner, that begins at 6:00 PM. If you don’t come for dinner, Hoss’s assesses a $5 cover charge. Please make reservations either for dinner or the meeting by contacting Linda at 724-327-2668 or 724-493-2586. Spread the word as this is a very important meeting, and I hope to see you there!


Midterm elections traditionally have a lower turnout as many people vote in the Presidential race and go into hibernation for four years. As Trump would say, “SAD”. The races in Pennsylvania are so fouled up this year because a Democratic-controlled State Supreme Court re-wrote the Congressional districts. This action went against the PA Constitution which states Congressional guidelines are to be determined by the legislature. We are in this mess because of the poor voter turnout last year when these Democrats were elected to the high court. Apathy on the part of a lot of Republicans may cost us dearly as these new guidelines now favor the Dems in a lot of races. IF the GOP doesn’t get their act together, the Keystone State could be in for a long four years of another Wolf term with even worse representation in both Harrisburg and D.C.

One of the bright spots in Pennsylvania has been the production of natural gas. Recent reports now list us as the second-largest producer in the nation. This has occurred despite the Wolf leadership and if the GOP loses control of the legislature, new onerous taxes could be levied against this industry by Democrats who are always looking to kill the goose that lays the golden egg! This could drive many operators to other states where the tax and fee climate is better.

The simple solution is to get out and vote to retire Wolf and his Socialist running mate John Fetterman along with empty suit Bob Casey. The ball is in our court, so we must go the extra mile and get our folks out in November to offset the energy that the crazies on the Left are using to set us and America back!

Another reason to retire the Democratic leadership is the opiod crisis. While everyone is wringing their hands over the number of deaths attributed to drug overdoses and pain prescription abuse, there is still a call to make marijuana use legal. Officials in various communities are bidding on marijuana growing projects, looking for tax revenues while overlooking the potential for more public dangers due to impaired drivers and other misuse of this dangerous drug, which is usually considered as the “gateway” drug to more potent narcotics. Results have been  poor in Colorado and other states that have legalized pot. I just saw where the CEO of TESLA was smoking pot during an interview and the next day their stock dropped 9%. I guess not everyone is onboard with dope yet!

A state that relies on gambling and drugs for tax revenues doesn’t have a very bright future. We can help reverse this trend in November by electing conservative Republicans at all levels of government in Pennsylvania!




The death and subsequent funeral of John McCain was dragged out over a week with accolades and almost non-stop news reporting that made my head swim and me reaching for the OFF button. At least it kept the media from talking about Russian collusion and Stormy Daniels for a week! The New World Order love fest over this man was evident to any thinking person. Just look at who spoke at his funeral and other remembrances—Joe Biden, Obama, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and a number of other swamp dwellers. Chuck Schumer wants to name a building after McCain. While the Media said McCain was a “maverick” and his own man, they also tried to paint him as one who was loyal to and loved America. His poor daughter Meghan went so far as to take a swipe at Trump by saying that, “the America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.” Yet her father intentionally did NOT want Trump to be at the funeral. While an argument can be made that that decision was reasonable based on their long standing differences, how in the name of common sense was Sarah Palin shutout of the proceedings? If it wasn’t for her on the ballot in 2008, McCain would have rivaled the lost suffered by Walter Mondale to Ronald Reagan in 1984! Most people I know and probably you do too, have said the only reason they voted for McCain was precisely because Sarah was his running mate!

Then look at the fact McCain chose Obama to help deliver the eulogy. Here was and is a man whose entire career was geared to help destroy America and all the while he pursued that goal, McCain NEVER voiced a protest to his actions. Is the America that Obama was fashioning during eight years the one that Meghan said was “the America of John McCain”? Yet when Donald Trump, who no thinking person can say doesn’t love America, takes office and tries to reverse America’s downward spiral brought on by Obama, McCain leads the criticism of Trump. McCain then sealed his legacy as a super “Rino” when he proudly cast his NO vote when the Obamacare vote was on the Senate floor.

The good news is that the Arizona Governor chose John Kyl to replace McCain. Mr. Kyl was a solid conservative Senator for a number of years and should continue that record for as long as he is in office.



If the John McCain funeral wasn’t enough to set you on edge, then the one for Aretha Franklin would put you over the top. Sexual predators, racial pimps and anti-white zealots filled the stage. Starting with Bill Clinton and ending with Louis Farrakan with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton thrown in between, this collection of misfits represented everything that is wrong with America. Even the Bishop of the church was caught on camera groping one of the singers! I’m sure Bill Clinton was envious, but Hillary was too close by! I know nothing about Aretha but if that was the type of folks she surrounded herself with, then I’m glad I have remained in the dark.

The only bright spot in the entire service was remarks by the Reverend Jasper Williams. His message focused on how black America is losing its soul. He said that 70% of black families don’t have a father and that as much as the mothers try, most of them just can’t raise a son. The most telling statistic was when he cited a study by Tuskegee University that said that over an 85 year period, the KKK killed about 3500 blacks. He then said that nearly 3500 blacks are killed by other blacks in SIX MONTHS! That’s 7000 per year or about 589,000 over an 85 year period. Pastor Williams said when a white policeman kills a black, there are protests and outrage and blacks loot and burn stores in their own neighborhood. Scum like Jesse, Al and other so-called black leaders are quick to condemn and call for “justice”.  Yet when tens of thousands of blacks are killed by other blacks, there is nary a peep from all these leaders and never a call for black responsibility in these communities.

But in true liberal fashion, the remarks of the good pastor were roundly criticized by the “mainstream” black leadership and other civic officials. I’m sure Pastor Williams is now being labeled as an “Uncle Tom” but God will reward and bless him for his faithfulness to the Gospel! May his message strike positive chord in the black community and in all of America for that matter!



  • New Name for Hillary: Some of us were at Oakmont Country Club last month and heard Corey Lewandowski speak on the Trump campaign and the White House. Throughout his message he referred to Hillary as “Crooked H”. On the way home Carolyn said she should be called “Preparation H”!!


  • Donkeys and Democrats; The Bible in Numbers, chapter 22, tells the story of Balaam and his ass. Balaam was disobeying God and God put the Angel of the Lord before him on the road. The donkey could see the Angel but Balaam could not. Three times the donkey diverted his course and three times Balaam beat him for not listening to his commands. Finally God permitted the donkey to speak to Balaam to show he was disobeying God and God finally allowed Balaam to see the Angel and he realized how close to death he had come. Somehow the Democrats chose the donkey as a symbol of their party, BUT few of them have ever spoken as clearly as the ass of Balaam! I’m reminded of Preparation H calling us “Deplorables” and recently Mario Cuomo said “America was never that great”. These statements show how out of touch the Democrats are with mainstream Americans and how the donkey in the Bible was head and tail above today’s clowns who have chosen IT as their party symbol! Sadly, there are some Republicans making similar stupid statements, but I don’t think “Rinos” are mentioned in the Bible!


  • In Memoriam: During the last few months, we have lost some Coalition members who were wonderful people and patriots. In July, George Cahill died at 92. He flew B 29’s in WW II and was an expert on the American flag and its valuable heritage. He was tremendous patriot and example of courage and strength. Also in July, we lost Elizabeth Karp at the age of 9 She loved America and her family and thought President Trump was the best. She read everything she could get her hands on and lived life to the fullest until the last few weeks before she went home to be with Jesus!

Then on September 2nd, Richie Nicely, son of faithful members Ron and Chris Nicely passed away at age forty four. This was way too early for a fine young man who was a joy to so many. May God in His infinite wisdom bless and comfort the family and friends of these three people who helped make America great again! And may God give us more patriots like these people were!


  • Catholic Church Scandal: So many of our Coalition members and friends are faithful Catholics who love God and Country. They are always at the forefront when it comes to protecting innocent life and helping others, and I know they are devastated by the recent scandal involving so many of their Church The Media, government officials and other critics were quick to attack and smear the name of every church leader involved. I just wish the same Media would be as aggressive on other child molesters as they are with these priests, most of whom are dead! Jesus said it would be better if a millstone were placed around their neck and they were cast into the sea than to harm one of these little ones! (Matt:18). I have one question—since Peter, the first Pope, was married, why can’t current priests marry?


  • 9/11 Anniversary: 17 years have passed since we all saw the horrors of 9/11 and the ruthless, godless enemies who attacked America. We are honored to have President Trump and the First Lady visit the Flight 93 memorial this year. We are still fighting this Islamic foe and need to be ever vigilant to ensure our freedoms and way of life. Pray for Mr.Trump and his team as they try to keep America

We all remember where we were when these horrible things befell our nation and we’ll never forget them. Since we are so close to the Flight 93 site in Shanksville, I‘ll always remember the cry of “Let’s Roll” by Todd Beamer. He and other civilian patriots attacked the hijackers and caused the plane to crash in a field instead of hitting somewhere in Washington, D. C. I’ll always remember the comment by Todd’s dad when a reporter said, “too bad your son got on the wrong plane that day.” His famous reply was, “No, the hijackers got on the wrong plane that day”! That statement encompasses the true spirit of America, and we owe a debt of gratitude to every one of those heroes on Flight 93.


  • Obama’s Return: After his eulogy at the McCain funeral, Obama couldn’t wait to get back in action and start attacking the Trump Administration. His arrogance and pompous attitude is sucked up by the Media and all the “Deep State” proponents, but mainstream Americans can see what a fraud he and his eight years in office were to the American The idiocy that Trump’s economic success is due to the wonderful groundwork that Obama laid is total fantasy. Trump has done more to preserve America in two years and reverse the destructive policies that Obama subjected America to over eight years. Everything from reduced regulations and opening the Keystone pipeline to withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change accords and stifling Iranian nuclear intentions, Trump has been spot on with the way the American people think. Obama’s foul rhetoric comparing Trump to foreign demagogues who use fear and resentment to appeal to racial nationalism shows what a despot and enemy of America Obama has always been. Hopefully the GOP will counter this nonsense with ads showing how Obama showered the Iranian mullahs with billions of dollars in a futile effort to curtail their nuclear program. Likewise the GOP should show how Obama’s restrictions on our vast energy industry and other business capabilities were stifling our economy and how Trump has reversed this insane policy, making our business outlook the best in years. These midterms are critical and we must counter the Obama slick talk by getting as many Republican voters out to the polls in November as possible.


  • More Illegal Terror: The murder of Molly Tibbets in Iowa by an illegal should make your blood boil, just like the case of Kate Steinle in San Francisco several years ago. In between, there have been numerous other outrages brought on by this lawless element that are coming through our porous borders. There is also no shortage of domestic horrors like the so-called father in Colorado who killed his pregnant wife and two beautiful daughters, and other animals who kill innocents at work or worship. When will we, the people, wake up and demand justice be carried out on the child molesters, drug pushers and other misfits in society who are creating havoc and costing us hundreds of millions of dollars each year? Regardless of color, creed or race, we should execute all of these offenders as protecting innocent life is one of the prime duties of a moral government. To do otherwise reflects the hallmark of a corrupt and immoral government that will fail as tolerance and bleeding hearts carry the day.


  • The Kavanaugh Hearings: It appears this outstanding judge is headed to the Supreme Court despite the circus atmosphere caused by the Democrats and the riff raff that disrupted the hearings. I have two basic questions: One is why do they have these open to the public? It is bad enough to have wild Democrat Senate opposition like Corey Booker, Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin, let alone allowing demonstrators, to sit in the room, whose only objective is to disrupt the hearings on cue. These groups can assemble in rooms and watch on TV like the rest of us. Question #2 is when a number of Democratic Senators like Bob Casey say they will oppose ANYONE Trump nominated before the person is named, why go through all the expense of gathering thousands of pages of documents when they already have their minds made up? Then to add to the farce, they demand more information on the person they will vote against anyway! I mentioned Corey Booker—what a clown and fool to openly disregard the Senate rules and then taunt the GOP leadership to do something about it! Some say he is being groomed for 2020. If so, he will be like or even worse than Obama (if that is possible). Keep him on your radar and be ready to be called a racist if you oppose him! I’m now waiting for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to call it quits or to have the Lord do it for her. It would be great to see Trump get to pick another fine jurist and have that person be confirmed by a greater GOP Senate majority after these mid-term elections!