A New Lynch Mob Going After Justice Clarence Thomas

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In 1991, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the target of what he unforgettably called “a high-tech lynching.” Now some 32 years later, a new lynch mob has formed, and Justice Thomas is once again its target. The new lynch mob is not made up of Senators on the Judiciary Committee, but rather the progressive commentariat. Justice Thomas was able to look each Senator in the eye in 1991, and they backed off. Today, his accusers hide behind a media screen.

The accusations against Thomas are inaccurate reporting on financial disclosure forms. The implications behind the accusations are that he corrupted himself by accepting the hospitality of a wealthy friend, namely Texas real estate developer Harlan Crow. There is no evidence presented that any improper influence occurred, only that he had failed to report the gifts from a friend. Thomas defended himself with a rather weak assertion that he was told by several unnamed advisors that he was not required to report such instances.  The obvious goal of his accusers is to get him to resign or be impeached, so that President Biden can select a successor who will reduce the conservative majority on the court. That is intuitively obvious. What may not be so obvious is what I believe the real motive is, and why it’s happening right now – not just replacing conservative Justice Thomas with any progressive, but rather replacing him with one particular person, Vice President Kamala Harris.  As a pro-choice female of color, she would be a trifecta for Biden. She’d tick the gender, race and ideology boxes while also getting her out of the first position of consideration if Biden were not to run again or, worse yet, if anything were to happen to him prior to the end of his term.

As Vice President, Harris is a constant source of embarrassment to the President, but as a Supreme Court Justice, clerks and other staff could keep her public appearances and opportunities for gaffes at a minimum, and they could author credible decisions in her name. As a former District Attorney in San Francisco, Attorney General of California and United States Senator, her resume is impressive. The Democratic majority in the Senate is paper-thin and probably short-lived, so the time to strike is now. But without an opening, how could she be appointed? By creating an opening through either forcing a resignation or successfully impeaching and removing a Justice. Of the nine, Clarence Thomas is the juiciest target. Not only is he one of the most conservative Justices, he is also something that liberal progressive Democrats hate with an unholy obsession: a Black Republican. The level of racism aimed at Black conservatives by white liberals is, I believe, the most intense and hateful of any form of racism in 21st century America. Listen to Francis Guess, a longtime civil rights leader and former commissioner of two Tennessee state agencies. He said Clarence Thomas … “isn’t getting the job done as a representative of African-Americans on the nation’s highest court. I look at it like that is our minister of defense. If I were in Israel and we had a Jewish minister of defense who only lived in the Palestinian community, who only associated with Palestinians, who was married to a Palestinian, who advocated the return of the occupied territories to the Palestinians, wouldn’t the Jewish people view him with suspicion? I view our Supreme Court justice with suspicion.”

Rep. Benny Thompson called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” citing his support for voter ID and opposition to affirmative action.

Samuel L. Jackson called Justice Thomas “Uncle Clarence.”

Congressman Burgess Owens said that Justice Thomas “doesn’t like black people, he doesn’t like being black.” That is pure racist vitriol.

Progressives want to own the Black vote.  Yes, I said “own.” Think about it. But they don’t own Clarence Thomas.

What the lynch mob is saying about Clarence Thomas is vile.  There’s no credible claim of improper influence.  If the good Justice erred in filing his forms, and it’s anything but certain that he did, then he should pay a fine, just like so many others who make similar errors. In the meantime, the listeners to American Radio Journal should come to Justice Thomas’ defense by contacting their elected representatives and local media in support and exposing the venality of those who are trying to take him down.