A Tale of Two Nations

Member Group : From the Kitchen Table

Once upon a time there was a King. He ruled over an empire that reached across an ocean. After a time, those of his subjects who lived on the other side of that ocean began to disagree with his decisions. He reminded them that since he was the king, everything he did was legal, and so they would have to obey him. They tried to persuade him to change some of his decisions, but he refused. And he sent soldiers to ensure that they obeyed his orders, reminding them once again that since he was the king, all of his orders were legal.

In this, he was quite correct. He WAS the king, and so if he declared something to be legal, it was, by definition, legal.

His subjects did not dispute that fact.

They did not declare that his actions were illegal. They declared that his actions were wrong.

They declared that there was an authority above that of the king, and that no king or government had a legitimate right to act in defiance of that higher authority. And they declared that truth in one of the most famous and most influential documents ever written.

It was a document that created one of the greatest nations ever to exist. And when it described the proper purpose and nature of government, it spoke about the truth of that purpose and that nature.

The men who wrote it knew they were creating a new system of governance.
So they began their Declaration with the statement that they called self-evident truth – there is a Creator who endows each person with rights, and His authority is the ultimate authority. Simply put, right and wrong trumps legal and illegal.

They spoke of this truth because they knew that even a government with representation can be tyrannous, if those elected representatives ignore their primary job – ensuring the rights of the citizens.

We are living in that situation today. America has a representative government that believes that it has unlimited power over our lives, our liberty, AND our property.

We began this week with the head of that government proclaiming that belief, in his words and in his actions.

We will end the week with Americans coming together to oppose it. They come from every corner of this nation. They come on their own time and at their own expense. And they have done so every year in January for the past 40 years.
Their purpose is remind America of the truth that lies at her center – there is a Creator who endowed each of us with unalienable rights and His authority is the highest authority. The government may have decreed that abortion is legal, but it is, nonetheless, wrong.

And if America is to continue to be a nation where freedom reigns, being legal and wrong is not acceptable.

Just ask King George.