Adolph: Wolf Tax Hike Massive

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Representative William Adolph
165th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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April 23, 2015

PA House Appropriations Chairman Adolph Reacts to IFO Analysis of Gov. Tom Wolf’s $8 Billion in Proposed State Tax Increases
IFO report contradicts governor’s claims of net tax reductions for Pennsylvania taxpayers and says all taxpayers pay more

HARRISBURG – The Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) today released its statutorily required Analysis of Revenue Proposals that were included in the governor’s proposed FY2015-16 budget. House Appropriations Chairman William F. Adolph Jr. (R-Delaware) offered the following statement in reaction to the report:

"The IFO’s report on the governor’s proposed tax increases is a telling portrayal of how the governor’s massive tax increases will force all Pennsylvania taxpayers to pay more for everything from day care, nursing home care, utilities, newspapers and more, yet fail to deliver on the net tax decreases promised by the governor.

"The report makes a particularly important observation when it says ‘[t]he analysis finds a net tax increase for all groups, including a small net increase for the lowest income group.’ This is significant because it directly contradicts claims made by the governor in his budget speech on March 3 and reiterated again and again during our budget hearings by his top staff.

"The governor told Pennsylvania residents: ‘My budget actually reduces the total tax burden on average middle-class homeowners by 13 percent.’ The IFO’s analysis shows taxpayers that when taken as a whole, the governor’s proposed budget is a huge tax grab that increases state spending by 16 percent and fails to deliver on the promises of net tax reductions being touted by the governor.

"As we work to get a sustainable budget signed into law by June 30, we owe it to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania to be completely transparent about how they will be impacted by the issues we address Harrisburg."