America, Lower Your Expectations

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Washington insiders have known for decades that Joe Biden was not a smart man even before senescence set in.

Now, national media’s attempts to ignore/conceal it notwithstanding, general awareness of Biden’s toxic combination of ignorance and creeping, age-related dementia has gone nationwide.

Today, most Americans doubt President(ish) Biden is in charge of his own White House. A majority think Biden’s unelected handlers determine administration policy.

Rasmussen Reports polled this brutally-direct question in mid-October, “How confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States?” to which, only 41 percent of voters said they’re even “somewhat” confident in Biden’s ability to discharge his presidential duties:

Voters increasingly doubt that President Joe Biden is capable of performing the duties of his office, and a majority of voters believe others are running the show behind the scenes.

 “A new Rasmussen Reports…survey finds that only 27% of Likely U.S. Voters are Very Confident that Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States. Another 14% say they are Somewhat Confident in Biden’s capability, while eight percent (8%) are Not Very Confident and 50% are Not At All Confident. Voter confidence in Biden’s ability has declined since August.”

This is extraordinary, especially in light of the “record” number of votes Biden allegedly received.

 Clearly, 14 percent of respondents remain only semi-observant, and 27 percent either aren’t paying attention at all or are simply too embarrassed to admit voting for a witless mediocrity who may not be able to count backwards from 10 anymore.

 Early signs of mental debility were noticeable in Biden’s 2020 “basement campaign” during which he rarely ventured out of his plush Delaware bolt-hole.

When he did appear, friendly media ignored, deflected and/or made excuses for Biden’s “rallies,” held primarily in near-by venues, where gaffe-prone Joe slurred, mumbled, occasionally shouted teleprompter-scripted messages to sparse, tightly-controlled, invitation-only audiences.

President(ish) Biden has gone from “honeymoon” to “lame duck” in mere months, soundly beating one-term former-President Jimmy Carter’s previous standard.

Elected in 1976, Carter went on live national television in mid-1979 to deliver a finger-pointing “crisis of confidence” lecture, commonly called his “malaise” speech.

In it, Carter whined about American citizens’ “moral and…spiritual crisis” – in reality, public dissatisfaction with high inflation, high unemployment, an energy crisis, a declining dollar, high government spending, and jobs going overseas. Later, in November, America’s Tehran embassy was taken by Iranian Islamists, and a hostage crisis ensued.

America’s problems back then resulted primarily from Carter’s stubbornness, ignorance, weakness and/or fecklessness.

Today, Joe Biden bears striking similarities to Jimmy Carter:

Biden has neutered America’s energy independence; broken supply chains are causing shortages of essential goods; prices, including for necessities such as housing, energy and food, are inflating at rates unseen since the Carter years; thousands of small businesses have closed, many forever; and America’s newly-opened southern border is in crisis.

Nearly four-hundred Americans abandoned by the Biden/Harris administration remain trapped in Afghanistan. America’s Kabul embassy fell into Islamist hands.

Massive 2021 government spending has already devalued the dollar and Americans’ purchasing power, but Biden/congressional Democrats propose to further inflate prices and devalue the currency by squandering additional $trillions we don’t have, and raise taxes in ways that will affect everyone, including America’s neediest.

Now, reminiscent of Carter’s “malaise” speech, the Biden White House, with help from national media, is pushing a new “Don’t-blame-Joe-it’s-your-fault” message:

America, lower your expectations.

The Biden White House, Democrats and allied media are urging “spoiled,” “high-class” Americans “unaccustomed to inconvenience” to “lower expectations” for their lives rather than blame Joe for problems caused by his – or someone’s – failures.

Rasmussen’s survey results suggest that Americans, generally, may have higher expectations than personal and national privation.

In only eight months, Joe Biden has lost the public confidence Jimmy Carter took years to lose.

Nonetheless, here we are. Unreported by national media, the Biden “presidency” is hemorrhaging support from key constituencies and nearing total collapse.

For the record, dementia is progressive. Biden’s mental condition – and his IQ – will not improve. In the days and months ahead, it’s certain more Americans will come to suspect that Biden is a figurehead.

Citizens have a right to know: If Joe Biden isn’t running this dysfunctional administration, who is?