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PRESS RELEASE – American Future Fund Launches Multimedia Ad and Advocacy Campaign
Behind Priority Issues As 2015-16 Legislative Session Starts
January 6, 2015 Matt Beynon Press Releases
Conservative Group Urges Returning Legislators to Keep Promises to Voters
On "3 Ps:" Pension Reform, Paycheck Protection, and Liquor Privatization

HARRISBURG, Penn. – Voters expect lawmakers arriving for the 2015-16 legislative session to keep their campaign promises to uphold conservative, free-market principles, the nationally known conservative group, American Future Fund (AFF), said today as it announced an advocacy campaign behind three priority issues.

A statewide multi-media ad campaign and organized advocacy effort, including phone calls to lawmakers from supporters, will remind legislators of their commitments to support "3 Ps:" pension reform, paycheck protection, and liquor privatization.

"The people of Pennsylvania have delivered Republicans and conservatives a wider majority, and now they have every right to expect bigger results on the issues important to them," said AFF Political Action Chairman Nick Ryan. "Through this campaign, the American Future Fund is providing voters a voice to hold conservatives accountable to follow through in Harrisburg on the promises they made on the campaign trail."

Following the November election, the Republicans’ margin of control in the legislature widened as the party picked up three additional Senate seats and eight House seats, expanding Republican majorities. Even with newly elected Democrat Tom Wolf serving as Governor, Ryan said he sees a window of opportunity to enact commonsense legislation on the three priority issues.

"With 11 more votes in the conservative column, lawmakers have no excuse to bow to Union pressure or the special interests’ influence, no matter who is in the governor’s mansion," insisted Ryan. "The time for action on these pocketbook issues is now, and we’ll be reminding them of that fact."