American Radio Journal Signs-Up 100th Affiliate: Nationally syndicate program now heard in 33 states

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

July 6, 2009
CONTACT: Lowman S. Henry
(717) 671-0776
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(HARRISBURG, PA) – American Radio Journal, a nationally-syndicated weekly half-hour public affairs radio program produced and distributed by the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc. has added the 100th radio station to its network of affiliates. American Radio Journal welcomed listeners of KION-AM in Salinas, California as its 100th affiliate.

"This is a significant milestone for our broadcast as we continue to build a national network that ultimately will make American Radio Journal available to listeners in every state in the nation," said Lincoln Institute CEO and American Radio Journal co-host Lowman S. Henry. Henry said the program is now aired by radio stations in 33 states.

American Radio Journal debuted in May of 2007 and has eclipsed the 100 station mark in just two years. "As important as the number of stations airing the program is the variety of formats that have added American Radio Journal to their public affairs line-up," Henry explained. "We are heard on talk radio stations, religious radio stations, conservative radio stations, progressive radio stations, minority and ethnic radio stations."

"This diversity of stations means many non-traditional audiences are hearing our free market message," Henry continued. "This is especially important during a time when America faces historic economic challenges at home and threats to our security abroad."

American Radio Journal focuses primarily on free market economic issues, but also covers politics as well as social and foreign affairs issues as merited by current events. Throughout its first two years on the air the program has interviewed a wide range of guests from Presidential candidates to some of the nation’s top elected officials, book authors, leading think tank and policy experts, and even film stars.

American Radio Journal is co-hosted by Lowman Henry and Ryan Shafik of the Lincoln Institute. Chris Chocola of the national Club for Growth participates in a regular "Real Story" feature segment from the nation’s capital; and each program contains an American Radio Journal commentary by either Dr. Paul Kengor of Grove City College, Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring, USA or Col. Frank Ryan, USMC (Ret.)

In addition to being heard on 100 over-the-air broadcast stations, American Radio Journal can also be heard on the web at
The Lincoln Institute also produces Lincoln Radio Journal, a weekly half hour program focused on Pennsylvania state issues. Lincoln Radio Journal airs on a network of 77 stations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and can be heard at

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