‘Anonymous’ Never Showed, So Democrats Settled for Biden-Harris

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

In a priceless December 2018, USA Today/Suffolk University poll of Democrats and independent voters, “Someone entirely new” topped the Democrats’ list of announced/rumored “presidential” wannabes.

In other words, “Anonymous” generated more excitement than Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

Nearly 50 percent of polled Democrats/Independents rated Joe Biden’s desirability as “meh,” “don’t run,” or “who?” Seventy percent of respondents placed Harris in those categories.

But “Anonymous” never showed, so, before the South Carolina primary, conspiratorial Democrats winnowed the field to shut out Bernie Sanders, and stuck the party with a Biden/Harris ticket.

Now, the Democrat/Media Complex faces the monumental task of whipping up enthusiasm for a bumbling, geriatric throwback who placed fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, and an even weaker performer who withdrew before the first primary votes were cast.

Biden and Harris are an odd match. In the first candidate debate, Harris labeled Biden a racist for opposing forced school busing and later said she “believed” Biden’s sexual misconduct accusers. Amusingly, media cannot hide the sweet irony that Democrats who gratuitously brand guiltless opponents “racist” and “sexist” will embrace a descendant of Jamaican slave owners chosen only for her race and sex.

The ticket has problems at the top — and at the real top.

The seven classic signs of early dementia include memory problems, confusion, personality changes, withdrawal, difficulty with common tasks, language problems and poor judgment.

Biden has shown them all, so campaign staff keeps Joe sequestered in his Delaware basement, stage-manages his rare appearances, scripts him carefully, and deflects press questioning.

Should he win, at 78, Joe Biden would be older upon taking office than President Ronald Reagan was when he left it, so for all practical purposes, Kamala Harris will head the party’s November ticket.

Why? Actuarial odds favor Harris having to complete Biden’s first term and undertake presidential duties for which her meager record scarcely qualifies her.

Harris has no economic or foreign policy experience, and her already-demonstrated political impulses are extralegal and anti-democratic.

Before entering the Senate, Harris served as California’s attorney general, during which time she mass-incarcerated thousands of young black men for minor infractions, policies she has since rejected to express solidarity with Black Lives Matter. It took court actions to correct Harris’s violations of defendants’ rights and prosecutorial abuse.

In further disregard for the law, Harris supports open borders, sanctuary cities, and amnesty, including government-funded health care for illegal aliens.

Beginning with trivialities like plastic bags and straws, Harris has expressed her intention to ban essential products.

Harris was a co-sponsor of The Zero-Emission Vehicles Act, which would eventually outlaw the sale of gasoline-powered automobiles. And Harris said, “I am in favor of banning fracking,” a technology that produces raw materials for petroleum-based products, clean-burning, inexpensive natural gas and directly supports millions of well-paying jobs.

Kamala Harris is no friend to America’s Constitution, either, especially its First and Second Amendments.

Harris advocates banning social media “hate speech” — “We will hold social media platforms accountable for the hate infiltrating their platforms because they have a responsibility to help fight against this threat to our democracy.” Harris, of course, would reserve the right to determine what, exactly, constitutes “hate speech.”

Before her pre-primary withdrawal, Harris promised that, if elected, she would impose a mandatory gun buyback program. “We have to work out the details,… but I…support a forced buyback.” Harris is receptive to the idea of sending the police into homes to confiscate guns, even though police in Democrat-run jurisdictions haven’t been able to prevent criminal anarchists from turning communities into combat zones.

Harris also supports forced labor unionization. During her abortive campaign, Harris said that, as president, she would “be about banning right-to-work laws.”

Harris originally proposed banning private health insurance outright, then backed off before releasing another plan that would incrementally eliminate the private insurance on which 180 million satisfied Americans rely.

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau called it “hilarious” that anyone would think Harris is a moderate because “she has one of the most liberal records in the U.S. Senate.”

Unfortunately, in American presidential politics, just one person selects a running mate — the nominee. This time, the “decider” was a malleable, 77-year old, mentally-challenged careerist.

Sadly, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best Democrats have to offer this year, because “Anonymous” never appeared.