Are Voter ID Laws Really Racist?

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Democrats argue that Voter ID laws are “racist,” that requiring ID suppresses voter turnout, especially in racially diverse communities, because photo IDs can be difficult for “poor” or “marginalized” people to acquire.

Democrats claim that, as a result, the political influence of racial minorities is lessened as the influence of white America grows.

But, even if one is sympathetic to that argument, one wonders…

Is it racist to make purchasers show photo ID in order to buy alcohol or cigarettes?

Is it racist to require individuals to show photo ID in order to buy a house? Rent an apartment?

Is it racist for banks to require photo ID for transactions other than deposits?

Is it racist for merchants to make customers show photo ID in order to cash or pay for purchases with a check?

Most hospital systems require some form of ID for out-patient or in-patient procedures. Even emergency rooms ask for ID. Are they racists?


Is it racist for governments to require individuals to show identification in order to get a driver’s license?

How about hunting or fishing licenses?

Is it racist for governments to require individuals to show ID in order to receive unemployment benefits?

Is it racist for police, even minority officers, to require a photo driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration when they pull drivers over?

Convicted felons who are on parole or probation are required to show ID when they check in with their court appointed handlers. Is that racist?

Are postal service employees racists for asking recipients to produce photo ID when picking up packages?

Individuals must produce an original birth certificate and photo in order to obtain a U.S. passport. Are those requirements racist?

Marriage may have gone out of fashion in some areas, but couples of any race or ethnicity who wish to marry must present photo IDs to get a marriage license. Is every County Clerk’s Office in America, even those in minority-dominated counties, staffed by racists?

Is the Social Security Office a racist agency? How about the Welfare Office and Medicaid? All of them require ID to receive benefits. The requirement cannot be terribly burdensome, since poor people and minorities seem to have little difficulty obtaining Welfare, SSI Disability and Medicaid coverage.

Facts matter…

In 2021, a highly popular Republican-led election integrity law in Georgia expanded early voting, poll watching, and voter ID requirements. Democrats shamefully tried to stir up trouble along racial lines, saying the law was “racist,” would “suppress” voter turnout. Democrats even backed a boycott meant to hurt small businesses, many of them black-owned. But on Election Day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported an entirely different outcome: voters saw “short lines,” “few problems,” and no “obstacles at the polls.”

And, in Texas, the first major election following passage of its popular election integrity law produced record voter turnout. In fact, turnout increased from 2.56 million votes in 2018 to over 2.93 million in 2020.

Before the Georgia bill was passed, 75 percent of Americans – including 69 percent of black voters and 60 percent of Democrats –supported voter ID.

Afterwards, support for voter ID laws rose at least 13 percentage points among black Americans. Additionally, voter turnout in Atlanta’s predominately black precincts shot up 17 percent in municipal elections.

In actual fact, efforts to improve election integrity have empowered black communities.

Ironically, in Washington, D.C., every citizen must carry identification papers in public, but no ID is required to vote. According to D.C. Mayor Bowser and Capitol Hill Democrats, that’s racist voter suppression – even though a vast majority of voters, including Democrats, think voter ID makes perfect sense.

Nevertheless, Democrats claim that election reform efforts are “suppressing votes.” Washington Democrats attempted to eviscerate the Senate filibuster to push through a radical, unconstitutional federal election takeover agenda, even though it’s estimated that, nationwide, more than 99 percent of eligible voters already have photo ID. The other less than 1 percent would be provided one at no personal cost.

While Democrats and Republicans have different views of what “election integrity” means, together, 83 percent of likely voters believe it will be a factor in the November House and Senate elections and again in 2024.

Frankly, Democrats are in danger of running out of things to call racist – and ways to steal elections.