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The latest FBI report over the scandal at Penn State has resulted in the predictable level of finger pointing, and Monday morning quarterbacking. The general consensus is that the abuse was allowed to continue because protecting the prestige and income of the university’s football program was considered to be more important than protecting the well-being of innocent, but invisible, children.

Everyone is outraged that this was the case. The experts agree that the lives and well-being of innocent children should never have been put at risk for any economic or reputational reason.

The problem is that Penn State did not exist in a vacuum. Its culture is a microcosm of what is happening in America today.

Because in America today, protecting the lives of the innocent, but invisible, children who die every day in abortion mills across this country is just not a top priority. The same experts who are loudly decrying what occurred at Penn State tell us that we need to put these tiny children "on the back burner" until we protect our national economic and reputational interests.

And how, exactly, is this different from the decision-making matrix used by the officials at Penn State?

The reality is that it is not different. It is just as wrong, and innocent children are dying because of our indifference.

No one is saying that economics is not important. But this is NOT a nation that was founded on a dollar sign. It is a nation that was founded on Truth.

The most fundamental truth is that each of us is a unique and priceless creation of an eternal Father, and as such, has unalienable rights. The instant that we abandon that truth, we lose everything that America was intended to be.

And no amount of wealth can ever replace it.

Penn State is a tragedy, and an opportunity. We can either open our eyes to the culture that allowed those children to be harmed, or we can hide behind finger-pointing. We can resolve to put protecting self-evident truth above protecting dollar bills, or we can try to convince ourselves that it was just about a football program so we don’t have to deal with the larger, and more uncomfortable, issues.

The victims at Penn State eventually became visible to all of us. The victims of abortion will largely remain anonymous.

But our indifference to their suffering will, in the end, prove to be just as devastating to the future of this nation as the current scandal is to the university that allowed it to occur.