Baker, Schroder Renew Call for Rejection of Federal Health Care

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August 4, 2010

Baker, Schroder Renew Call for Rejection of Federal Health Care in Light of Missouri Vote Supporting the Health Care Freedom Act

HARRISBURG – Rep. Matt Baker (R-Bradford/Tioga), Republican chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, and Rep. Curt Schroder (R-Chester) today renewed their call for passage of the Health Care Freedom Act in Pennsylvania, which would ban governments from forcing people to have health insurance or face fines and penalties. A similar measure passed by an overwhelming 71 percent of voters in Missouri yesterday.

"The people of Missouri sent a clear message to the president and Congress that they do not want government-mandated health care, even though every major newspaper in their state opposed the measure," said Baker. "My legislation, House Bill 2053, protects our 10th Amendment rights provided in the United States Constitution from the ObamaCare mandate and allows for individual choice and freedom of states’ to reject an unconstitutional mandate to purchase health insurance they may not be able to afford."

Specifically, House Bill 2053, the "Health Care Freedom Act," would uphold states’ rights to not mandate enrollment in a government-run health care plan, would preserve the doctor-patient relationship to make health care decisions and support individual rights to pay directly for health care services and insurance.

Schroder has introduced House Bill 2179, which proposes an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution protecting a citizen’s right to choose his or her own health care and to purchase health care insurance from the company of his or her choice.

"House Bill 2179 enables citizens to reject federally mandated health insurance and maintain control of health care plans and providers," said Schroder. "Health insurance belongs in the open market with consumer choice and competitive pricing."

The proposal passed the Missouri House and Senate with bipartisan support and was placed on the Aug. 3 primary ballot. The Health Care Freedom Act has been introduced or announced in 42 states. The legislation has already been enacted in statute form by the Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, Georgia and Louisiana legislatures, and constitutional amendments will appear on the November ballot in Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.

Baker and Schroder’s legislation is part of the House Republican Policy Committee’s Health Care Task Force alternatives. House Bills 2053 and 2179 are currently in the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee. For more information, visit
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