Battle Plan

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Maybe I run in more militant Conservative circles than most, but I have heard comments to the effect that the Republican Party has no cojones. The Democrats do everything in their power to attack vulnerable Republicans relentlessly. They target people and businesses and it seems no one dares fight back. Examples of their vicious and effective warfare include Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay just to name two.

It is time Conservatives realize we are at war as well and start coming up with battle plans to attack our enemies as viciously as they do us, while keeping consistent with our principles. It really bothers me that minimum wage workers like grocery store cashiers and housekeepers are required to join unions and pay dues. How the SEIU and Steelworkers can look these people in the eyes and take their cash is a roll I would cast Bela Lugosi to play.

If Card Check passes, instead of just bemoaning the loss of employment and businesses it will create, it may open an avenue to attack one of the most important Democrat factions. With the support of a few large donors, it may be possible to create a charity Union to perform that function for free. This Union could then use Card Check to de-certify the SEIU or Steelworker Union at low paying positions and cut off their source of funding to buy the Democrats. It is a ju jitsu move worthy of Saul Alinsky. How many making minimum wage would feel loyal enough to keep paying our enemies when we will do their job for free?

It will take a lot of time and effort to create this Union, but some things seem self-evident. It must rely a lot on lawyers willing to do pro bono work setting this up and representing union members down the road. Labor law specialists would be the backbone of the organization along with organizers. Being a charity, donations could be tax deductible. Another side effect of this Union would be that politics would not play a roll once elected, thus denying these Unions and the Democrats people they can coerce to their side.

With everything falling into place, we could start with Pennsylvania and help break organized unions grip on the Democrats. Ultimately we could work to make Pennsylvania a "Right to Work" state and draw jobs away from neighboring states.

If this battle plan makes sense and not the lunatic rantings of some Right Wing Radical, then someone needs to take the helm and get organizing this underway. It is very likely that this will ruffle the feathers of the SEIU and Steelworker union bosses and they aren’t the kind to sit back at take having their base cut off from underneath their opulent loft. Should you like to help make this happen, I will take the helm and you can contact me at [email protected]

Let this be the start of the Conservatism Counter-Revolution.