Biden Heading Back to the Bunker as 2024 Approaches

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

President(ish) Joe Biden’s extraordinarily odd, almost-vestigial 2020 campaign primarily highlighted the things he could or would not do.

The COVID panic provided a convenient excuse to shelter in place, so an elderly Biden rarely shuffled out of his Delaware basement hideout. Biden made occasional hit-and-run visits to next-door Pennsylvania, mostly by automobile, and to Wisconsin (once) where he made the embarrassing, historically-illiterate claim that Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb.

Biden’s few out-of-bunker events were poorly-attended, press-limited, masked, socially-distanced, carefully-scripted, and so meticulously stage managed that, on the rare occasions a chronically-confused Biden entertained any, his staff fed willing media and attendees the questions.

That is not how vigorous, confident campaigns or serious campaigners involved in high-stakes elections are expected to act – or do.

Nevertheless, Biden somehow prevailed. (Warning: Big Brother may be watching. Don’t any of you “conspiracy theorists” out there dare suggest that a single one of Joe’s record 81 million votes was fraudulent!)

Fast forward to July, 2023, and the lead up to the 2024 presidential election. COVID is over, the left’s attempts to prolong it notwithstanding. Accordingly, the political landscape and public expectations have changed.

Democrats surely know that Americans, especially swing-state voters, expect to see presidential candidates in person. The Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, and his primary challengers have been publicly ubiquitous. In fact, by Election Day, whoever wins the GOP nomination will be well-traveled.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden recently announced that that his 2024 re-election campaign headquarters will be located at or near his lavish Wilmington, Delaware estate on the questionable premise that there is “no better place” to “fight to finish the job for the American people.”

In other words, Joe is going back to the bunker!

“Lunchbox Joe,” a lifetime “public servant,” also owns an elegant home in a Delaware beach community. A January Associated Press analysis revealed that Biden has spent more than a quarter of his time in office “working” from his Wilmington estate – where boxes of unsecured highly-classified documents were found – or his Rehoboth Beach property.

If Mr. Biden is doing official business in Delaware, he must have received business-related visitors there. Is the White House keeping and releasing visitor logs from Biden’s residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth? In January, the White House Counsel’s Office said that such logs don’t exist.

So much for candidate Biden’s promise to have “the most transparent administration in history.”

On the plus side – for Biden’s handlers, at least – another bunker campaign would avoid the bother of having to make it seem as if Joe can function on his own, while keeping alive the fervent hope that mass delusion will permit his supporters to ignore the Jurassic mediocrity’s progressive physical and mental impairment.

A Red State website writer speculated about the Biden team’s rationale for the implied confidence of a so-far understaffed bunker campaign. One was his handlers’ belief that Donald Trump will, in fact, be the GOP nominee despite partisan efforts to tie him up in court:

“Because of the timing of Trump’s classified documents trial and the likelihood of another federal trial surrounding January 6th in a D.C. jurisdiction, the current president is banking on the ultimate October surprise. Namely, facing an opponent who is either in jail or is under some kind of house arrest. AG Merrick Garland is a partisan, and you can bet he’s keeping the White House abreast of how sure the DOJ is of delivering convictions. Biden is acting like a man who already knows the outcome.”

On the subject of misconduct in office and potential consequences, though, Newsbusters reported: “On Thursday [July 20], the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC kept their viewers in the dark on a major storyline of the 2024 presidential election as Senator Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) office released a…form from an FBI confidential source alleging the Biden family coerced the Burisma CEO to shovel them millions if then-Vice President Biden could have Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired (which he did).”

Media keep trying, but multiple sources have provided too much evidence of potentially criminal corruption implicating Mr. Biden to hide it.

Fortunately for Joe, sitting presidents cannot be indicted.

But, it’s entirely possible that Biden’s understaffed, home-based, back-to-the-bunker “campaign” is a tacit admission that he knows he won’t be his party’s nominee next year.