Biden’s ‘Green Energy’ is National Suicide

Member Group : Guy Ciarrocchi

Yes, the climate is changing. Of course it is. It’s been changing, evolving, and going through cycles since the beginning of time.

Should we take necessary and reasonable steps to ensure our air, water, and land are clean? Of course.

Is there a climate “crisis”? Is humanity in grave danger, maybe even at risk of becoming extinct? Of course not. And anyone who tries to scare us is anti-science, ignores history, lacks common sense, and has another agenda.

Nonetheless, Biden, his cabinet, and the walking caricature, John Kerry, are racing us towards national suicide — all on theories, weather “models,” and worst-case guesses about the future.

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Did you ever notice how often the climate threats are couched by phrases like “some scientists believe” or “one model shows…” or “by the year 2050 (or 2100),” some horrible thing is “possible”?

Remember, in the 1970s and ’80s, when “they” told us there was a coming “Ice Age” — the modeling was so “obvious.” Remember when “they” switched and threatened the planet with “global warming” — until many of “them” had to acknowledge that the planet wasn’t getting much warmer? So, they had to change their brand to “climate change”?

Notice that when we raise questions about the weather, they say weather has nothing to do with climate — until there’s a hurricane.

Some of their projections were made years ago, and the “doomsday” dates have arrived. Many of their dire projections were clearly wrong. Many things, they said, threatened to get worse. Not only didn’t they get worse, they’ve gotten better, from polar caps to polar bears, from coral reefs to storm damage.

They are ignoring facts — the actual, demonstrable harms caused by their dictated policies of mandates, “target dates,” ignoring permit applications, subsidies to “green energy,” canceling construction projects, and overworking our power grids. (Remember when Californians were told not to plug in their EVs just days after Governor Newsom announced a ban on gasoline-fueled car sales after 2030?)

Banning stoves. Building wind turbines in the ocean. Killing pipelines. Stopping oil and gas exploration. Subsidizing EVs. Blocking minerals and threatening cows.

Their unilateral decisions have brought us inflation, worker displacement, an autoworkers’ strike, $4+/gasoline, growing energy dependence on Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia, and have made China even more powerful, as they hold the mineral and precious metal rights to most of the active mines on the planet needed for batteries. And they manufacture most of the world’s solar panels. (And now, dead whales, too.)

Wait until slowed production of natural gas drives the price of fertilizer even higher and everything from vegetables to bread and ground meat becomes even more expensive. Oh, you didn’t miss the part where Biden explained that strangling U.S. natural gas production not only drives prices higher to heat our homes with gas, it also causes electricity rates to go up (guess how electricity plants are powered?). And, yes, natural gas components are needed to make fertilizer. If we don’t produce it, no worries; the Russians will gladly sell us some fertilizer, for a cost — be that financial or the national security of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, or America itself.

Notice that when we raise questions about the weather, they say weather has nothing to do with climate — until there’s a hurricane.

We should demand that politicians hit the pause button — and maybe reverse course or change direction — before we allow them to ruin our economy further, lower our standard of living, eliminate jobs, make us energy-dependent on our enemies, and empower China while doing perhaps nothing to impact the climate.

Usually, when we make a major, life-changing decision, we look at the “pros” and “cons,” or the benefits and the harmful impacts. Shouldn’t we expect at least that much from Biden when he wants to change the course of our entire economy and our way of life and endanger our national security? He’s making decisions — and forcing companies to make decisions — that will impact our quality of life for years.

If the “crisis” is so obvious and the impacts of the “climate crisis” are so crystal clear, you would think that those politicians would welcome an open discussion. When did we all agree we must switch to so-called “green energy”? Did we all agree that the government should micromanage our lives, telling us that our gas stoves and our air conditioners might become illegal (or, at least, unusable)? That farming — even cows — may have to go away?

“Climate change” activists chant that there’s an “existential threat” to humanity, that there’s “too much” CO2, and that fossil fuels cause this harm. The reality is that it’s too simplistic. It ignores science and common sense.

Even if many of their assumptions and modeling are correct, we haven’t had a true, transparent cost-benefit analysis of these radical mandates impacting our lives.

This doesn’t even get into the ignorance of suggesting that America — and maybe some allies — taking these “green” steps while China, Russia, Brazil, the Middle Eastern nations, and the developing nations of the world (that’s about 80 percent of the planet and about 70 percent of the world’s economy) reject or ignore our pleas to join in our national suicide. In fact, many of those nations are enjoying controlling the world’s energy supply — and are burning coal, too. China is building coal-fired energy at a rate of two new plants per week!

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NASA tells us that our atmosphere is made up of just 0.04% CO2. Yet, allegedly, Biden, Kerry, and company believe this is “too much.” But we aren’t told what too much is or what it ought to be lowered to. And they can’t prove that anything Americans do will have any impact. Zero proof. And yet, they allege that by getting rid of oil, gas — and products that use them, like cars and ranges — and reducing farming and cows, we can stop or slow the growth of this infinitesimal percentage of CO2.

Based on the assumption that there is a climate “crisis,” Biden is using every tool at his disposal to not only limit oil and gas production today but to damage it forever. Biden drained our Strategic Reserve and now has to beg our enemies to extract and process dirtier oil in less clean methods and ship it across the planet. It’s caused prices to more than double, with inflation in every part of our families’ budgets, from food to electricity. His push for EVs has harmed American automakers, endangering autoworkers’ jobs, costing taxpayers’ money, and giving rise to a growing dependence on China for batteries and minerals, while disturbing millions of tons of earth, forcing African teenagers to work in filth.

And the case can be made that, especially in developing nations around the world, using fossil fuels will actually save lives and improve their quality of life.

There is no genuine consensus that there is an existential threat to humanity. There is no consensus that fossil fuels or man-made activity have any meaningful impact on the climate. Radically impacting our economy, endangering our national security, and sacrificing our liberty is a very high — and unnecessary — price for possible impacts of unknown scale at some point down the road.

Why don’t climate crisis warriors ever talk about the universally agreed-upon impacts like volcanoes and the countless episodes that happen across our solar system that actually, demonstrably impact our weather cycle and are out of our control?

Here’s the reality: Inflation. Lower standard of living. Unemployment. Increased dependence on our enemies. Child labor. Stronger China. Dirtier air.

The reality is that “green energy” is causing actual “crises” and an “existential threat” to America and Americans.

Let’s hit the pause button and have a national discussion. The American people deserve no less.

Guy Ciarrocchi is a Senior Fellow with the Commonwealth Foundation. He writes for Broad + Liberty and RealClearPennsylvania. Follow him @PaSuburbsGuy.