Biology: Follow the Science

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Biological science recognizes no normal sexual categories in humans – or any mammals – other than male and female.

Nonetheless, the once-rare notion of changing one’s gender has metastasized into a dangerous, highly-visible Mengelian narrative that threatens America’s social fabric.

Today, militant, evangelical trans advocates and cultural saboteurs in government, entertainment, education and media are misusing the terms “sex,” “sexual orientation,” “gender,” “gender inclusion,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” interchangeably, while working diligently to convince everyone that gender transition is possible, normal, even desirable.

The transgender/transsexual “movement” combines a preposterous postmodern identity concept with quasi-religious fervor, false empathy, faux moralism, dogmatic intimidation, and ritualized public humiliation of anyone who refuses to enthusiastically accept the “normalcy” of a mental pathology known in psychiatric circles as “gender dysphoria,” a psychological “mismatch” between biological sex and gender identity

The American Psychiatric Association defines transgender/transsexual “gender dysphoria” as “…[C]linically significant distress or impairment related to gender incongruence, which may include desire to change primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.”

“Sex/gender assigned at birth” is defined as “Traditional designation of a person as ‘female,’ [or] ‘male’…based on anatomy (e.g., external genitalia and/ or internal reproductive organs) and/or other biological factors (e.g., sex chromosomes).”

Chromosomes contain the nucleic acids and proteins that carry genetic information in every living cell. Two – the X and the Y chromosomes – determine one’s sex at birth. Female cells have two X chromosomes. Males’ have one X and one Y chromosome. Period. Full stop.

Ironically, gender dysphoria victims “transition” only from male to female or vice-versa, never to any of the seemingly dozens of LGBT-etc. “gender identities” and “expressions” the movement would “normalize.” Furthermore, transgenderism/transsexualism (the “T” in LGBT) is categorically unlike homosexuality (the “LGB”) that acknowledges the gender binary. In fact, “transsexualism” negates homosexuals’ common “born this way” argument.

Today, gender-benders are pushing their transgender/transsexual crusade to Kafkaesque extremes with an aggressive, psychopathic agenda that endangers women.

Trans activists viciously bully lesbians who refuse to date trans “women,” as well as heterosexual third wave feminists who warn of the gender-erasure of women’s rights embedded in the transgender movement, and fear that misogynistic trans activists are trivializing – eliminating – women as a biological category.

Gender militants who insist that men should be allowed to use women’s public facilities simply because they claim to identify as “female” are merely indulging a tiny, noisy minority whose psychological makeups falsely deny their Y chromosomes. They are allowing sexual predators access to potential victims by breaking down the social norms that protect women.

Gender deniers’ faux-sanctimonious attempt to slander people who oppose transgendered men using women’s rest rooms as “haters” and “bigots” is just one more goose step along society’s march toward madness.

Men are targets, too. An organization calling itself the “Trans Rights Campaign” complains that “98% of straight men are unwilling to date trans women because of hatred. This has to change.”

It won’t. Not ever, because of human nature and biology.

It gets worse, though.

Appallingly, young children are also being targeted for medical transition in the guise of a repulsive euphemism called “gender-affirming care.” The trans cult was outraged last October after Florida passed a rule preventing minors from being given puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or gender transition surgery.

More recently, even though a Trafalgar Group survey found that nearly 80 percent of Americans – including (sadly, only) 53 percent of Democrats – think it should be illegal to administer puberty blocking drugs to minors, President(ish) Joe Biden soullessly argued that it is “sinful” and “cruel” to deny puberty blockers for and sex change surgeries that remove healthy tissue and organs from children.

An intelligent, moral man, a man of faith would know that twisting scripture to promote an unnatural mental pathology, chemically-altering and surgically mutilating children isn’t just sinful, it’s sick. When was butchery ever compassionate?

One need not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or private sexual practices to oppose trans activists’ aggressive promotion of aberrational practices that harm children.

Surgery and hormone “therapies” cannot change that sex is cellular. Cosmetic changes may make people appear more male or female, but sex in humans cannot be altered no matter how many hormones are administered or surgeries performed.

Transgender/transsexuals are biological science deniers, role-players, pretenders.

A healthy society would protect women and, especially, impressionable children from their perverse, unscientific fantasies.