Bloom: Budget More Than We Can Afford

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Bloom Says Budget Has More Government Spending Than Taxpayers Can Afford

HARRISBURG – Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) today issued the following statement reflecting his opposition to the $31.6 billion state budget sent to the governor’s desk, which combined record spending with new consumer taxes:

"While I’m thankful we were finally able to bring Gov. Tom Wolf back down closer to fiscal reality and avoid the massive sales and income tax increases he demanded last year, the fact is this budget still balances higher spending on the backs of the hard-working taxpayers. In the haste to craft an on-time spending plan, some in Harrisburg are relying on accounting tricks and unsustainable revenue streams to feed Harrisburg’s spending addiction. These tricks will inevitability lead to an increased burden on taxpayers next year, and for that reason, I could not support it."

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