Can Joe Biden Hold Out Until November?

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Before Super Tuesday, 2020, long-time presidential hopeful Joe Biden won one
minor primary, no caucuses, scored barely 11 percent of Democrats’ 2020 New
Hampshire votes, and he remains hundreds of committed convention delegates
shy of a first-vote nomination. Yet Joe is his party’s presumptive standard

At 77-years old, Biden clearly suffers from age-related cognitive decline
and is unable to physiologically/psychologically  cope with stress
and/or fatigue; he still faces questions concerning his son’s irregular
financial dealings in Ukraine and China while, as vice-president, Joe
managed both policy portfolios; and evidence shows Biden was present
when fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion charges, currently under special counsel
investigation, were discussed with then-President Barack Obama.

Now, Biden faces credible allegations of sexual assault  made by a former staff member.

But, the cupboard’s bare. Joe Biden is the best Democrats have to offer this

If none of the dozens of Democrats who ran could outlast Joe, how could one possibly defeat
President Donald Trump?

Democrat governors have effectively disqualified themselves, at least for
2020. They all face public protests over economically-ruinous decisions and
civil liberties violations during the COVID-19 panic, during which the most-
“presidential” or “vice-presidential” among them were the worst.

Forget national ambitions, objective observers question their in-state
political viabilities.

After losing the nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 and the presidency in
2016, Hillary Clinton cannot save the party no matter how desperately she
covets another shot. There will be no third time, because Hillary has no

Plus, it’s entirely possible, even likely, that establishment Democrats have
realized the COVID-19 crisis will actually help President Trump win

They/we remember America’s economic listlessness following the 2008
financial crisis, eight years during which the Obama/Biden administration
presided over extreme joblessness, manufacturing outsourcing to China and
elsewhere, low workforce participation levels, overall wage stagnation, jobs
lost to and wages depressed by illegal aliens here. Theirs was the slowest –
worst – recovery from economic recession since World War II.

During Donald Trump’s first three years as president, though, the economy
boomed, America reached full employment, experienced sharp wage growth,
record workforce participation with nearly seven million unfilled job
openings, and the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rates in modern
history. Mr. Trump’s trade policies effectively stopped China’s, Mexico’s
and other nations’ exploitation of American officials’ trade fecklessness.

Now, the nation faces a period of economic readjustment following the
COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump has already presided over one economic
Renaissance, so even voters who dislike the president’s “style” are likely
to conclude that keeping his proven experience, policies and leadership may
be the best, perhaps only way to weather the challenging times ahead.

In any case, no informed, rational person hates President Trump enough to
allow them vote for a corrupt, old, political careerist like Joe Biden.
Millions won’t vote the office – or at all.

Establishment Democrats only engineered Biden’s Super Tuesday “success” to
deny Bernie Sanders their nomination, anyway, so, if Democrats have chosen
to reserve and develop younger prospects, then Joe is merely this year’s
sacrificial lamb (mutton?).

Considering his manifest peculiarities and negatives, nominating Biden would
be a tacit admission that Democrats have conceded 2020 and are looking ahead
to 2024. They just won’t say it out loud.