CAP Announces Primary Endorsements

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Primary 2016: CAP and CAP PAC Endorsements
This has been an incredible year for CAP and the CAP PAC. We have met with and interviewed amazing candidates from around the state. The following list includes only candidates facing a competitive primary.

Additional candidates, and our incumbents will be added to the general election endorsements we release in the fall.


Melanie Patterson-House District 49 (Fayette and Washington Counties)
Rep. Greg Rothman-House District 87 (Cumberland County)
Dawn Keefer-House District 92 (Cumberland and York County)
Frank Ryan-House District 101 (Lebanon County)


John DiSanto-Senate District 15 (Dauphin and Perry County)
Aaron Bernstine-House District 10 (Beaver County)
Rep. John McGinnis-House District 79 (Blair County)

All of the preceding candidates will appear on the respective Republican primary ballots; not a single Democrat made the cut.