CAP Endorses Williams School Choice bill

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CAP Endorses Sen. Williams’ School Choice Bill
HARRISBURG, PA—Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) today endorsed Sen. Anthony Williams’ (D-Philadelphia) Opportunity Scholarship Act (SB 1405), which would give disadvantaged children in chronically failing school districts the financial assistance they need to pursue educational options.

"The Opportunity Scholarship Act will rescue thousands of children tragically trapped in failing schools," said CAP Executive Director Joe Sterns. "There should be no greater priority for the politicians in Harrisburg than making sure every student in the Commonwealth receives a first-rate education."

Sen. Williams’ legislation, SB 1405, would provide children in low-income households a scholarship to attend a non-public school if their public school is chronically failing. The bill defines "chronically failing" as having 40 percent or more of the student body scoring at or below the "basic" range in math and reading/writing for two consecutive school years. The amount of the scholarship would be equal to 100% of the Commonwealth’s annual per-pupil school aid funding amount plus 50% of the school districts annual per-pupil school aid funding amount.
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