CAP Scores Election Wins

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

A Great Night for CAP and CAP PAC Endorsed Primary Candidates
CAP and the CAP PAC enjoyed our most successful primary election results to date. Six out of the seven candidates endorsed by the respective organizations won their races:


Rep. Greg Rothman-House District 87 (Cumberland County)
Dawn Keefer-House District 92 (Cumberland and York County)
Frank Ryan-House District 101 (Lebanon County)


John DiSanto-Senate District 15 (Dauphin and Perry County)
Aaron Bernstine-House District 10 (Beaver County)
Rep. John McGinnis-House District 79 (Blair County)

It is worth noting that Dawn Keefer’s win came despite a legally and ethically questionable campaign mailer that used the official seal of the House of Representatives. A copy of the mailer can be seen here. The mailer is a perfect example of the incestuous relationship between big lobbying firms and lawmakers. Representatives Saylor and Grove’s preferred candidate, Anthony Pugliese, is the son of a prominent lobbyist in Harrisburg and is a lobbyist himself. That Saylor and Grove would put their names on a campaign piece that used, to all appearances, official letterhead is appalling and another reason why the legislature needs to enact serious internal reforms.

As we look toward the general election, we fully expect to add additional candidates to our roster. Between competitive general election races for incumbents and new candidates, CAP and the CAP PAC fully expect to be involved in at least ten to twelve races this November.

Our continued success is a testament to the generosity and involvement of our supporters.

Thank you for everything you do for our Commonwealth.