CAP Targets Anti-SB 1 Republicans for Defeat

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG (4.25.11) – Senate Bill 1, the Opportunity Scholarship Act, will enable tens of thousands of low- and middle-income parents to send their children to the school that gives them the greatest hope for success and happiness.

For parents who are happy with their child’s current school, nothing will change. For children trapped in violent for failing schools, parents will have new educational choices. Senate Bill 1 will improve education without raising taxes. Senate Bill 1 breaks the costly death grip that unionized government schools have on our education system, our tax dollars, and our children.

We cannot continue to send our children into the global marketplace ill-equipped to compete with their peers from other states and nations, and thus unable to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

Therefore, CAP will target for defeat in the 2012 Primary Election any Republican Senator or Representative who bows to Pennsylvania’s entrenched teachers’ union and opposes Senate Bill 1. To date CAP has raised $1 million for this purpose, and this figure grows steadily each day.

As of now, here is where each Senate Republican stands on SB 1 (click

Once Senate Bill 1 reaches the House, CAP will provide a listing of where each
Republican Representative stands.

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