CAP to Oppose Union President in Special Election

As we have frequently noted there are two parties in Pennsylvania, the taxpayer party, and the party of big government. In a decision bordering on absurd, the Delaware County GOP chose the President of the Delaware County AFL-CIO to be their standard bearer in an August 4th special election. Their nominee, Paul Mullen campaigned on behalf of Joe Sestak in 2010, is opposed to paycheck protection, and campaigned recently for a Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate.

In early April, Rep. Joe Hackett (R-Delaware County) announced that he would be resigning his seat effective April 30th. His mid-term resignation triggered a special election to fill out the remainder of his term. Because this is a special election, there is no primary election. Each party selects its nominee, and that nominee will appear on the ballot.

To make matters even worse, the Delaware County GOP selected this Democratic campaigner and lover of big government over a conservative Republican. The conservative Republican, Lisa Esler was the top vote-getter in a local school board race despite the county GOP working against her nomination.

Because the Delaware County situation is so egregious, the CAP PAC will begin taking steps to ensure that Paul Mullen is not elected to the Pennsylvania House in August. The last thing the House Republicans need one more member of the Big Government party in their caucus. We will keep you updated as we move forward.