CF Applauds Liquor Store Proposal

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CF Applauds Initial Liquor Liberty Law Proposal
Sees PA Liquor Independence Day approaching

HARRISBURG, PA (07.07.11)—Commonwealth Foundation wholeheartedly praised House Majority Leader Mike Turzai for filing a proposal today seeking co-sponsors for his bill that would end the state’s liquor monopoly.

Turzai’s bill will provide consumers better selection, lower prices and greater convenience, while at the same time strengthening the enforcement and regulation of our liquor laws.

"This is a first, but very significant step toward getting government to butt out of the booze business," said Matthew J. Brouillette, CF president and CEO. "Liquor liberty through privatizing our government-run stores will return freedom to individuals, create economic opportunities to benefit all Pennsylvanians, and give consumers and taxpayers what they have repeatedly demanded."

Pennsylvania remains one of only two states in the nation (the other is Utah) with full government control over wine and spirits sales. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board literally controls both the promotion and sales of wine and spirits, and the regulations and enforcement of Pennsylvania liquor laws.
"The PLCB is at war with itself and the rest of us are stuck with the tab to pay for its conflict of interest," said Brouillette, citing the millions taxpayers spent last year to fund PLCB advertising that competes directly against private enterprise. "The notion that an agency can start fires by promoting alcohol and then be charged with putting them out through enforcement is ridiculous."

CF remains the leading proponent of privatizing Pennsylvania’s 644 state-owned liquor stores and its wholesale operation.

"Majority Leader Turzai’s proposal returns the power to the people to make consumer decisions free of government control and frees the PLCB from a conflict of interest," said Brouillette. "We look forward to celebrating Liquor Independence Day in the Keystone State soon."

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