Change We Can Believe In

Member Group : PA Right to Work

So far, that theme has failed miserably on both the national and the state scene, but that is not surprising.

The policies and programs being promulgated are nothing more than the same old anti-jobs, anti-freedom plans of Great Society days. They all begin and end with government expansion or interference at the expense of private sector growth and expansion. They’ve never worked and they won’t now for several reasons.

The first and most important is that people just don’t believe in them or have lived long enough to recognize them as failures from the past being trotted out in new trappings.

Yet, we’ve been treated to budget messages and commentary suggesting that it’s the sales pitches and not the content that haven’t resonated with citizens – that if we just understood it better, we’d all embrace it.

The first wrong assumption is that people are not intelligent and that we have no idea what is good for us.

The truth is, people have seen programs after programs that have been promulgated to deal with societal ills which haven’t fixed anything. Instead, debt has accumulated far exceeding the tax creator’s ability or desire to pay.

What citizens do want is a return to individual liberty coupled with individual responsibility. It’s not that the vast majority isn’t willing to accept mistakes that some individuals make, it’s just that they are tired of paying for them in a system which doesn’t discourage the irresponsible behavior.

The kind of change we can believe in is getting government off our backs and out of our lives, removing onerous regulatory and tax burdens and bringing in public policies which actually work.

Any form of business and entrepreneurial growth requires that all the laws giving special privileges to certain groups be eliminated.

Coercive unionism falls squarely in that category. Requiring individuals to support these private organizations which they don’t want and didn’t vote for is ludicrous public policy. It has crippled the growth of jobs and produced the exodus of more and more citizens every year the laws have been in place.

It’s time to export coercion and import liberty. It’s time for the repeal of forced dues laws and the passage of Right to Work. The twenty-two Right to Work law states have significant growth. It is not coincidental that Pennsylvania’s jobs have gone to those states by the thousands.

If we want to keep our young people, then we need the jobs back. They’ll return if we pass the Metcalfe/White legislation sponsored by legislators across Pennsylvania and across party lines.

That’s change we can believe in!

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work is a non-profit citizens organization dedicated to the single issue of providing freedom of choice with respect to labor union membership for all Pennsylvania’s working citizens. Their website address is