Chelsea Wrong: Row v. Wade Has NOT Added to the U.S. Economy

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At a recent “Rise up for Roe” rally protesting the appointment of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Chelsea Clinton credited Roe v. Wade with adding $3.5 Trillion to the U.S. economy. In the years following Roe v. Wade, she said, “American women entering the labor force added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Right?”

Unfortunately, her answer is wrong. In fact, abortion has taken the lives of 61.4 million Americans since it was first decriminalized in 1967 – an estimated half of them women.

But instead of adding $3.5 trillion to the economy, that loss of lives has caused a cumulative GDP deficit of $62.6 trillion that continues to climb with each passing year. By 2040, that cumulative deficit will likely reach $400 trillion.

In short, it is the biggest drag ever on the U.S. economy, which makes Roe v. Wade the most costly Supreme Court decision in U.S. history. It is also the greatest single obstacle to Donald Trump’s dream of “making America Great Again.” And the biggest lie ever told about the economic impact of any social issue.

This is based on extensive research on the economic impact of abortion over the last 25 years, using my experience over the previous 30 years as a market researcher and consultant to major corporations. Basically, I use the same tools as government agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and, yes, even data from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood.

There is no smoke and mirrors about it. When you remove 61.4 million people from the population who would have lived productive lives for an average of 78 years, the losses pile up year after year. We use Guttmacher data for abortions and track cumulative totals based on the most objective measure – GDP per capita by year. Right now, that deficit is climbing by $3.38 trillion every year – or a persistent 16.8% annual drag on our whole economy.

And it will keep growing no matter what. Because of the echo effect, 61.4 million missing births in one generation automatically means 61 million fewer births in the next. Right now, the U.S. is headed for an unavoidable population decline.

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It’s pro-abortion Democrats like Chelsea Clinton who are using smoke and mirrors. They are so totally out of touch with the real impact of abortion that they are not even aware of the demographic impact of abortion on their own electoral future.

In my special report, “The 2016 Election: What Really Happened?” I pointed out that half the states have just 10% of all abortions, while the other half have 90%. And the 90% are mainly Democratic blue states.

In addition, 60% of all abortions occur to Blacks and Hispanics, who are the core of the Democrats most loyal voting base. That’s roughly 36 million missing Blacks and Hispanics.

In short, by persistently promoting abortion on demand, the Democrats have been disproportionately aborting their own voting base. If the 21+ million Blacks who have been aborted were alive today, Hillary would have won the 2016 election in a huge landslide.

It’s about time somebody told Chelsea that. Fortunately, it is too late for Hillary.

It’s also time for Blacks and Hispanics to wake up to the economic damage abortion has done to their communities. If not for abortion, the Black population of the U.S. today would be more like 73 million instead of 43 million – creating a drop of at least 41% in the Black share of U.S. GDP. And if all the money spent on Black abortions had been spent on education instead, the Black share of the U.S. economy would be more than double what it is today.

So what’s stopping otherwise intelligent Americans from recognizing these economic realities?

First, Planned Parenthood and the Negative Population Growth lobby have been more aggressive in their marketing strategies and their use of the “big lie” than people of faith. As Christ warned, “The children of darkness are wiser in their day than the children of light.” As a result, they’re the ones who manage to hit Congress for $550 million in subsidies every year.

Second, the public square – especially the corporate sector – is a no man’s land when it comes to discussion of issues like abortion, even when they have enormous economic impact. A company like Toys ‘R Us can go bust without anyone even noting the abortion connection.

And finally, even our churches are often no talking zones when it comes to abortion. As one pastor recently wrote to me about a pro-life meeting proposal:

“The unique thing about our community is that people are so private that things like abortion are never mentioned. This does not mean that abortions are not taking place here, but we have so much more growing to do as a parish before the time is right for this.”

I must ask: Just when will the time be right in a state with over 60,000 abortions a year?

Our last best hope is that Donald Trump will awaken to this issue, and really start making America great again. Because there is no way he can do it as long as abortion persists.

LifeNews Note: Dennis Howard, the president of the pro-life group Movement for a Better America, has researched the economic impact of abortion since 1995.