Christian Charity v. Terrorist Math

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Today, one need not be genuinely xenophobic, nativist, Islamophobic or racist to be gratuitously accused of those transgressions.

One need only agree that it’s sensible to temporarily restrict travel and immigration from a handful of failed, terror-prone nations while devising effective vetting methods to weed out potential threats to the United States and American citizens.

Aiming to shame and coopt Christians and other charitable Americans, liberals use such slurs as practical applications of Rule Four of Saul Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals," which states, ""Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." The hard left sees observant Christians as the enemy and the Bible as Christianity’s rulebook.

On refugee resettlement and other matters, progressives exploit the Parable of the Good Samaritan and Matthew, Chapter 25, Verses 31-40 to convince Christians that their salvation depends upon fulfilling "moral" obligations to comply with liberal policy preferences: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these…ye have done it unto me."

Leftists sanctimoniously declare that, if America denies entry, even temporarily, to refugees from Middle Eastern hellholes, we lack Christian compassion. That’s false. It’s immoral, anti-Christian and irrational to knowingly perform acts of charity that threaten the safety of innocents.

We’re told that few refugees represent threats, that public alarm is overestimated and refugee admissions need not be interrupted to improve security. But ISIS has declared jihad against America, and terrorists do infiltrate among refugees.

First stipulating that the number of radicalized Muslims is small – one-third of one percent according to some sources, but five percent or more to others – let’s do some simple math: During Barack Obama’s presidency, America admitted more than 125,000 Muslim refugees. Only 0.0033 percent of 125,000 exceeds four hundred potential terrorists; five percent exceeds six thousand.

Just one jihadi murdered fourteen at Ft. Hood; in San Bernardino, two killed fourteen and injured twenty-two; one killed 49 in Orlando, wounding 53; and, on 9/11, only nineteen brought down the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon and took more than three thousand human souls.

Europe’s experience has confirmed criminal elements and anti-Semitic, anti-Western sentiments among Islamic emigres.

For more than two hundred years, Americans have welcomed immigrants who assimilated and accepted American law, even as their inclusion changed the aggregate landscape of American society. We are a welcoming people, but, in America’s history, there has never been another immigrant group with Islam’s murderous subset.

Once, immigrants were eager to get here, learn the common English language, find work, provide for their families and improve the lots of succeeding generations – to become Americans. Now, we are urged to accept, with no constitutional right or proper review, people who want to change America.

How much damage must poorly-vetted terrorists be permitted to do, how many lost innocent lives must otherwise-charitable Americans tolerate to avoid being called nativists, Islamophobes or racists?

Americans are no less charitable or Christian for disregarding the left’s ulterior insults. Ignore them – or, better yet, push back.