Citizens Alliance Scores Election Wins

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

The most unorthodox and unpredictable presidential election in our nation’s history is now over. What nearly all thought impossible has come to fruition.

But what’s next?

With Donald Trump assuming the presidency in January 2016, we know he’ll need examples of what good governance looks like.

Pennsylvania has the opportunity to be that example; one that President Trump and other states can point to. An example of how limiting government and holding spending in check can turn a state around for the betterment of all her citizens.

The effort won’t be an easy one, but the good news is it’s already underway.

Over the last several election cycles, CAP’s Ben Franklin Project, has already helped elect a core block of men and women dedicated to restoring our General Assembly to the "citizen legislature" established by our Commonwealth’s founders.

This year’s election results only increased our numbers with gains made in both the state house and senate.

If you want to know what to do next, look no further.

Our efforts to support men and women dedicated to returning us to the founding principles of the Commonwealth are well underway. In addition to electing a new President last night, Pennsylvania voters also gave Republicans even larger majorities in the General Assembly.

The GOP will have a veto-proof majority in the Senate next year. Two of the additions, John DiSanto and Wayne Langerholc, were endorsed by the CAP PAC. In the House, CAP PAC endorsed candidate Aaron Bernstine won a decisive victory over an incumbent Democrat. We would also like to congratulate, Dawn Keefer and Frank Ryan on their victories on Tuesday. All of our endorsed incumbents appear to have been re-elected. Rep. Dan Truitt of Chester County was a top target for Democrats. It appears that he fended off the challenge by a margin of 78 votes.

Thank you for your continued support.