Club for Growth Celebrates 100 Days of Progress

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"President Trump has halted the economic destruction of the Obama years, and what would have been their extension by Hillary Clinton, and has restored confidence in the economy with strong and effective pro-growth policies."

Washington, DC – Club for Growth president David McIntosh released the following statement about the progress made by the Trump Administration on pro-growth policies as the administration nears the 100-day mark:

"Imagine the economic devastation we’d be talking about today if Hillary Clinton had been elected: Higher taxes, more job-crushing government regulations, an expansion of government-run health care, and massive government overreach into the private sector," said Club for Growth president David McIntosh. "In less than 100 days, President Trump and his administration have not only prevented that nightmare, but they have halted the economic destruction caused by eight years of Obama Administration policies, and have restored consumer and business confidence with strong and effective pro-growth policies (see below). The result of these policies has been a 15% gain in the stock market, which has added at least $2 trillion of wealth to all Americans in their retirement funds and savings."

• The President’s anticipated tax reform proposal will include the most pro-growth tax cuts in a generation.

• The Administration has worked relentlessly for an Obamacare repeal deal.

• President Trump has signed 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA) measures, erasing unnecessary and costly federal regulations.

• The President has issued crucial Executive Orders that are crushing Washington’s oppressive regulatory state in a way that will put billions of dollars back into the economy.

• The confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court bodes well for protecting individual rights and limiting the federal government.

• The President has appointed the most conservative Cabinet to execute his administration’s policies.

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