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Committee to Free the Pulpit Launches
New Political Action Committee Aims to Restore the Voice of the Church

(08-31-2010) JOHNSTOWN, PA – A new political action committee, named The Committee to Free the Pulpit, was launched today. Its purpose is to remove the muzzle placed on America’s pulpits by the federal government.

"The IRS is now the club that the government is using to silence the voice of morality in this nation," Free the Pulpit Chairman Peg Luksik explains. "It’s appalling that the sermons given in support of the American Revolution would be considered illegal by the very government which that revolution created. Even King George did not try to silence America’s churches. We need to remove the gag that Washington has tied around America’s pulpits and restore true religious
liberty to America."

The new committee’s web site,, explains that the PAC will be focusing its efforts initially on repealing an amendment to the IRS code originally inserted by 1954 by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson. This amendment made it illegal for a 501(c)3 taxexempt organization to engage in political activity.

"Repealing the Johnson amendment would have the effect of immediately removing the threat of the loss of tax-exempt status for churches that engage in anything the government thinks is political activity," explained Executive Director Jason E. High. "We’ve come to this strange place in American history where for some reason people think that it’s inappropriate to bring any
of their moral values into the voting booth. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of the vision of our founders. The first step in restoring that vision is to free our churches from government control."