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Pennsylvania Budget Facts 2010
Today, the Commonwealth Foundation released two new analyses of the Pennsylvania State Budget.
Pennsylvania State Budget Overview

• Think the state budget is only $29 billion? You might be surprised to learn that the total Pennsylvania operating budget is $66 billion, or $5,300 for every man, woman, and child.

• Think that the state government has a balanced budget, and therefore doesn’t borrow like the federal government? Wrong! Pennsylvania state debt is $42 billion, an increase of 78% since Gov. Rendell took office. The state budget now includes over $1 billion on debt payments alone.

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Pennsylvania Spending by Department

• Have you heard that Gov. Rendell has slashed spending to the bone? In reality, he has increased the General Fund budget by 45%, or $9 billion, since taking office, more than double the rate of inflation.

• Think public schools and welfare are underfunded? Under Gov. Rendell, state spending on K-12 education increased 46%, and on Public Welfare by 68%
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