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While Gov. Rendell is fond of claiming Pennsylvania has a low state debt burden relative to other states, this ranking excludes a vast majority of taxpayer-owed debt. In fact, state debt is concentrated in off-budget state agencies and authorities, and local governments owe nearly twice what the Commonwealth does.

Pennsylvania taxpayers owe $115 billion in state and local government debt. That debt amounts to over $9,000 for every resident of Pennsylvania, or over $37,000 for the average family of four. These totals exclude recent increases in local debt.


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Spending Tip: End Self-Promoting Government

Taxpayers paid $20,000 for a video and website of a man running around in a groundhog costume and getting hit by a car, and then experiencing coma-induced nightmares about his shadow, in an effort to promote Groundhog Day. Officials responsible for the website dismissed the cost as "nothing" compared to the $11 million in taxpayer funds they have to use for tourism advertising.

Lottery advertising is another example of state dollars used to market state programs and offices. Throughout March, the state is launching a 20-stop bus tour to promote their new Super 7 game. Pennsylvania spends $32 million each year to advertise the worst form of gambling, in terms of odds.

Pennsylvanians would be much better off saving for retirement, yet the state continues to use taxpayer funds to encourage bad behavior.

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