Congressmen Want Dr. Mann’s Stimulus Funds Investigated

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Congressmen Want Dr. Mann’s Stimulus Funding Investigated

Members of Congress from Wisconsin and California have sent a letter to the National Science Foundation (NSF), requesting the federal organization investigate the alleged academic misconduct by Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State.

Last June, Dr. Mann received a $541,184 grant from the NSF as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – otherwise known as the federal stimulus bill. He has since been investigated by Penn State for alleged academic misconduct with regard to his research into global climate change.

On Tuesday, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.),
requested the NSF to open an investigation of Dr. Mann, citing integrity questions surrounding his research. Click here to read more.

Conservatives Say NO To Endorsement Process

The "nebulous" people, between 350 and 400 of them, met less than 50 yards from
where state Republican Party gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett was tapped to wear the establishment’s GOP gubernatorial crown on Saturday.

(nebulous/ -adjective
1. hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused: a nebulous recollection of the meeting; a nebulous distinction between pride and conceit.)

"Nebulous" was the word used by Mr. Corbett recently to describe the activities and membership of the state’s Tea Partiers, 9-12ers and other conservative
constitutionalists, who have risen across the state since the Obama Administration took office in January 2009. Click here to read more.

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