Congress’s Heuristic Hypocrisy

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Merriam Webster — "[H]euristic: involving or serving as an aid to learning…or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial-and-error methods…; also: of or relating to…problem-solving techniques…such as the evaluation of feedback…" [Emphasis added]

Democratic officeholders engage, hypothetically, at least, in trial-and-error methods but, with liberal media’s collusion, attempt to conceal their errors. Too many congressional Republicans recognize the errors, but, in evaluating feedback, pay attention only to the complicit national press whose approval and favorable attention they covet.

Elected progressives opened our borders and ignored immigration laws (trials), so illegals flooded America, overburdening public schools, welfare systems, hospitals and jails (errors). The prospect of building a wall on our porous southern border was popular enough to help elect President Donald Trump (unambiguous feedback).

But, hoping to normalize illegals as sympathetic voters, Democrats and allies in national media oppose and editorialize against a wall. Accordingly, in their latest budget-busting spending bill, House Republicans declined to fund wall construction, while satisfying every other objective held by minority Democrats who turned metaphorical handsprings over their de facto control of the Republican Congress.

With no Republican input, Democrats passed Obamacare before anyone in either party could read it (trial). In 2010, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi witlessly declared, "We have to pass [Obamacare] to see what’s in it." Now we know.

Today, Obamacare is circling the bowl in a death spiral affecting nearly eighteen percent of the national economy. Despite soaring premiums, the nation’s largest insurers are abandoning Obamacare exchanges and Obamacare is, very possibly, killing people. Enrollments were driven primarily by increasing Medicaid recipients and by employers quitting coverage, dumping employees on the exchanges.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services said, "insurers are fleeing because the law is fundamentally flawed. Repealing and replacing Obamacare remains the best option." Some states have only one choice of Obamacare insurers. Next year, Iowans may have none (That’s a lot of errors).

Ironically, Obamacare has always been publicly unpopular (feedback).

But Democrats and national media favor preserving Obamacare to allow its ultimate implosion as a step toward a socialized, government-controlled, single-payer national health care system of the sort that has failed millions of Brits and Canadians, thousands of whom cross our northern border for care.

Again, acquiescing to Democrats and the media, the Republican House majority failed to repeal Obamacare, even hedged on reform to remove Obamacare’s least-popular features, lower premiums and, in a decade, save American taxpayers more than $1 trillion. On spending, Republicans omitted a border wall, but funded America’s largest abortionist, Planned Parenthood, whose employees have been caught selling baby parts.

If that’s what Republican majorities produce, why vote for Republicans? Rather than electing duplicitous, big-government election-year-only "conservatives," we could elect straightforward liberal Democrats and allow them to further impoverish and ruin America the way they did Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and California.

Then, national collapse will occur even sooner; liberal governance will be exposed and discredited; and serious people can begin the business of restoring America.