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Citizens Alliance vs. PSBA/PSEA

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Dear Bob,

Citizens Alliance will take the lead in promoting SB 1 and school choice. The PSEA will spend, at least, $11,000,000 to stop SB 1. Commonwealth Foundation’s Overview is understandable analysis of the bill.

You can view more posts on my blog.
Bob Guzzardi, independent of any candidate, campaign or organization. This message has not been approved by anyone but me.

Citizens Alliance v. PSBA/PSEA

The PSEA increased dues on its 191,000 members by 11%, which calculates to about $9,000, 000 that will be available to oppose this bill which provides opportunity scholarships (vouchers) and competitive choice for the poorest kids in failing schools as well as $75,000, 000 million in Education Improvement Tax Credits, available to families earning up to $100k annually.


The PSBA, and the PSEA, government bureaucrats in total alignment with government teacher’s union, well-funded and relentlessly opposed nongovernment solutions to failed schools and, hysterically, present competitive parental choice in education as an existential threat to government school system, mischaracterized as "public education".
Here is link to SB 1 SB 1 addresses the problem of failing education at its most critical point, the kids trapped in the 144 worst schools in Pennsylvania as well as expanding the Education Improvement Tax Credit for middle class.

SB 1 – The Cost: The Forgotten Taxpayer is Relieved

SB 1 is a fraction of one percent of total Pennsylvania spending on government schools. And SB 1 does NOT add any new spending; SB 1 reallocates status quo spending to vouchers for poorest kids in failed schools – where it is needed most- and to Education Improvement Tax Credit so the Pennsylvania business taxpayer can send his or her money to a nongovernment school, usually in the inner city, where it can do some good rather than to Harrisburg where it will be, very likely, misused. The Forgotten Taxpayer likes the Education Improvement Tax Credit and SB 1.


My Rule of Thumb is "if the PSEA wants it, it is not a good thing". The PSEA, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and other national and state school teachers’ unions and their allies in the PSBA, Pennsylvania School Board Association, the government "professional association" of government monopoly school bureaucrats with its unionized work force where the best teacher and the worst teacher, with the same seniority and same credentials, get the same pay. The PSEA/PSBA support policies that imprison poorest kids in failed schools. PSEA has a budget of, at least, $11,000,000 to oppose School Choice. This will not be easy.

Government Bureaucrats and Government Unions Joined in Unity — and May I Ask "What Are Children Learning?"

Teachers’ Unions Say Budget, Opposition To Vouchers Are Top Priorities
Rep. Paul Clymer, Majority Chair of House Education Committee expects slow process on education reforms

"Representatives of the state’s two major teachers’ unions told the House Education Committee their priorities for 2011 include seeking help with difficult budget decisions and blocking the school choice initiatives proposed in the state Senate.

The representatives of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) and the American Federation of Teachers of Pennsylvania (AFT-PA) were among seven statewide education organizations represented at the informational hearing Wednesday morning. Other groups represented said they were also seeking budgetary assistance and were looking to the state for relief from mandates."