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Obama’s Ties to Slumlord Financing

Leach vs. Rogers: Ethics and Open Government

DeWeese Boasts about House Reforms

Turnpike Turmoil

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Obama’s Ties to Slumlord Financing

You won’t see this in MSM: Obama’s Real-Estate Bust. He did for Illinois taxpayers what shady mortgage lenders have done for the economy. By David Freddoso September 22, 2008, 5:00 a.m.

David Freddoso has written a book exposing Obama’s radical Leftist agenda has been targeted by the Obama Netroots to be silenced. See news articles about him and Stanley Kurtz, who is exposing Obama’s ties to Radical Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayers. Barack Obama is a Radical Socialist or, more specifically, Collectivist, advocating for the "Progressive Corporate-Welfare State", the military model of populist Otto von Bismark.

Leach v. Rogers: Ethics and Open Government

Lance Rogers proposes an Ethics Plan and Democratic House Incumbent Daylin Leach is a Team Player for a Team Bonusgate, a criminal enterprise that looted Pennsylvania taxpayers for millions and then required taxpayers to pay the cost of defense, including public relations agents. Daylin Leach is a career politician entwined with Harrisburg Establishment Insider Network of Lobbyists, Lawyers, bond counsel, financial advisors and no bid vendors.

Governor Palin of Alaska posted the state government’s check book online. Posting ALL the Senate and House checkbooks online would demonstrate real commitment to transparent and accountable government. If you are sincere about accountability, show the accounts.

While I have some concerns about Lance Rogers’ close ties to Senate Republican Leaders, Joseph Scarnati and Dominic Pileggi, (I think underestimates the deviousness and self-interest of these two career politicians), I think we can safely say, without doubt, that Lance Rogers is not Daylin Leach and that that is a good thing and that we can, also, safely say he will be refreshing improvement, without doubt or contradiction.

Fact check requested.

DeWeese Boasts about House Reforms

DeWeese Boasts about House Reforms By Jennifer Harr, Herald-Standard 09/14/2008

For other points of view, listen to YCOP and read Rock the Capitol.

Read this letter to House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese and Chief of Staff Sandy Williams.

Check out Democracy Rising Pennsylvania: Tim Potts is a Righteous Liberal and very knowledgeable analyst of reform and a reliable and relentless advocate for Best Practices in Open and Accountable Government. Check out his Campaigning at Taxpayer Expense.

Turnpike Turmoil: Lease or Bond?

Turnpike Turmoil: Lease or Bond? That is the question for the General Assembly and for us, the productive taxpayer.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Limitless Borrowing in the same sentence terrifies any taxpayer or toll payer. Act 44 provides the Penna. Turnpike Commission with that authority. The PTC is haven for Harrisburg Political and Finance Insiders.

Leasing is not a simple-minded solution and has its pitfalls: the General Assembly and the Governor, not paragons of fiscal stewardship, will have $12.88 BILLION DOLLARS to manage. Not a comfortable thought. On the other hand, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission with eternal life; Freddie Krueger with the power to tax.

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