Constitution Group Joins Call for Rally in Harrisburg

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(Lebanon, PA) – The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty (COOL) is adding it’s voice to the growing number of citizens and organizations that are planning to rally at the state capitol on November 14 for what is being referred to as the "March On Harrisburg."

"State government is out of control, it’s that simple," said Mark Thomas of Cornwall, PA, and a board member on COOL. "Between the madcap spending that our Governor is addicted to and the lack of a backbone on the part of state Senate Republican leaders, it’s time the people of Pennsylvania got together straight answers from their elected officials."

Thomas pointed to a recent poll by Franklin & Marshall that noted that sixty percent of the state population thinks Pennsylvania is on the wrong track economically and fifty seven percent do not expect the recession to end for several years.

"People all across this state are fed up with the politicians in Harrisburg spending money we don’t have," he said.

Jeff Griffith, who lives in Lebanon and is one of the organizers for the "March On Harrisburg," concurred with Thomas’ assessment.

"In times of economic hardship, everyday citizens have shown the ability to adapt by tightening their belts and making responsible choices," he said. "We expect our lawmakers in the state legislature to do the same."

"The recent Pennsylvania budget fiasco illustrated that Pennsylvania taxpayers deserve better stewards of public monies," he said.

John Stahl, who heads up the Berks TEA Party from Berks County, welcomed the addition of COOL to the growing list of organizations throwing their support behind the "March On Harrisburg."

"More and more citizen groups and organizations are rallying together to get people informed and prepared for what we expect to bee an exciting day in Harrisburg," he said. "We have statewide groups like the Commonwealth Foundation and COOL getting behind this effort, as well as a wide spectrum of local and county groups, like Valley Forge Patriots and UnitePA."

Cynthia Bowman of Campaign for Liberty in Lancaster said that the energy and enthusiasm people felt after the "March On Washington" in September naturally spilled over into a demand for accountability from elected leaders in Pennsylvania.

"The Washington event got everyone thinking about the problems facing us at home, especially since the budget dragged out for so long because the Governor was so insistent on growing the budget at a time when our tax base is shrinking," she said.

The November 14 event will involve rally participants gathering at City Island at 1:00 PM followed by a march to the capitol at 2:00 PM. The rally itself will be held in the capitol steps beginning at 2:30 PM, and will feature brief comments by reform-oriented leaders from across the state and the country.

COOL is a non-partisan, conservative political action committee organized to re-educate the citizens of Pennsylvania about the U.S. Constitution and America’s founding documents. In the past year, COOL has hosted multiple educational courses, including the Institute On The Constitution and A More Perfect Union.

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