Constitutional Group Broadens Appeal with Name Change

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(Lebanon) – Responding to increased interest from across Pennsylvania, the Constitutional Organization Of Lebanon, organized four years ago to promote greater understanding of the United States Constitution, has announced that it is amending its name to "Constitutional Organization Of Liberty", effective immediately.

"The board decided that the time had come for us to broaden our appeal as a statewide organization and the logical thing for us to do was change our name," said Laurel Lynn Petolicchio, Chairman for 2009.

"And while the formal name for our organization will change, the acronym we use – COOL – will remain the same," she said. "Which works out pretty well because a lot of people statewide have become familiar with it."

State Senator Mike Folmer, COOL’s first Chairman, noted that it was important to institute a name change in order to ensure that people from other parts of Pennsylvania felt welcome.

"COOL has received a lot of interest from all over the state but some potential participants have been reluctant to get more involved because the name led them to believe that it was limited to residents of Lebanon County," Folmer said.

"The fact of the matter is that by modifying the name we are making our appeal more universal to the people of Pennsylvania," he said.

"But, unlike so many other statewide groups, we will not be relocating to Harrisburg in order to be closer to the political class," Folmer said. "COOL was created as a grassroots organization and will stay that way."

The name change will also permit a closer tie-in to the organization’s website,, which has already been updated to reflect for the new name.

The change to "Constitutional Organization Of Liberty" marks the most recent move on the part of the conservative, non-partisan group to expand it’s ability to meet the needs of potential members and participants. Late last year it revamped it’s course offerings – including "A More Perfect Union" and "Institute On The Constitution" – and has announced plans to add more courses.

COOL just completed presentation of "A More Perfect Union" at Lebanon Area Evangelical Free Church in Jonestown, and is currently conducting the first part of "Institute On The Constitution" at Open Door Baptist Church in Lebanon.