COOL Offers Introductory Court on Constitution

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Laurel Lynn Petolicchio

Lebanon, PA – The non-partisan, conservative organization Constitutional Organization Of Lebanon (COOL) has announced that it will be offering a new introductory course on the U.S. Constitution “A More Perfect Union.”

Louis Petolicchio, the 2008 Chairman of COOL, said that the new course is a half-day program intended to familiarize participants with the events that led up to Constitutional Convention and what transpired during the convention.

“This course is ideal for anyone who has begun to wonder about the Constitution and what our Founder’s intended for our country,” said Petolicchio.

Petolicchio said that “A More Perfect Union” was developed by the National Center For Constitutional Studies and features the 2-hour film of the same title that brings the Founding Fathers to life as class participants witness the struggles and the issues that produced the Constitution.

State Senator Mike Folmer, Immediate Past Chairman of COOL, said that “A More Perfect Union” is part of COOL’s commitment to expanding its library of educational material intended to increase awareness of the Constitution.

“We have really been blessed with a wonderful country and a fantastic document in the Constitution,” Folmer said. “And as the heirs of our Founding Father’s vision we should continue to learn about the Constitution and the great people who drafted it.”

Petolicchio noted that the film around which the course was developed was filmed on location at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as other historical sites.

“The film ‘A More Perfect Union’ has been officially recognized by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, and cited as being ‘of exceptional merit’,” he said.

“A More Perfect Union” has been scheduled for Saturday, October 25, and will run from 9:00 AM through Noon, with a light luncheon to follow. The Open Door Baptist Church, located at 875 Academy Drive in Lebanon, will be hosting the program.

The cost of “A More Perfect Union” is $15 per person or $25 per household and includes all necessary study material. For more information, COOL may be contacted at 717-228-7524 or via the COOL website at