Corbett Takes on Common Core

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

On September 9th, Governor Corbett took a strong stand against the implementation of Common Core in Pennsylvania. In addition to being a federal takeover of the state education system, there is scant evidence showing that the adoption of the Common Core standards has any positive impact on education.

We never hesitate to point out when elected officials, including the Governor, have advocated bad policy. However, it is equally important for conservatives to recognize when those same people do the right thing.

CAP and 20 other organizations from across the state have joined together and penned a letter in support of the Governor’s vocal opposition to Common Core. It says in part:

"Over the past few months, our organizations have collectively voiced concern over the implementation of Common Core. This program is a federal government scheme designed to take over our education system and limit local control.

"Common Core is nothing more than ObamaCare for education!

"It is for this reason that we are proud to announce that Governor Tom Corbett has called on the State Board of Education to officially eliminate Common Core in Pennsylvania!

"Governor Corbett stated: "I am now asking the State Board [of Education] to continue the process we began at the start of my term and to ensure that the influence of the national Common Core State Standards is eradicated from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania can, and will, do better to ensure that our children are receiving the education they deserve."

"We applaud Governor Corbett for his bold leadership in protecting Pennsylvania students from the one-size-fits all mandates of Common Core.

"Keep in mind this November that Governor Corbett’s opponent is a functionary of Ed Rendell – you know, the architect of Common Core in Pennsylvania."

The full letter and list of all signatories can be found here.

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