Corporate Welfare: A Philadelphia Story

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Corporate Welfare: A Philadelphia Story, Part I
Aker Shipyard is sinking


The Aker Shipyard and Tasty Baking Company in Philadelphia have absorbed more than a half-billion in taxpayer funded grants, low interest loans and tax breaks, collectively called "investments" by politicians.

Both stand on the edge of bankruptcy today.

This is part one of a two part series examining the history of the two Philadelphia companies, their reliance on taxpayer funds over the years and the ultimate failure of governmental "economic development" to keep them afloat. Click here to read more.

State Police Settle with ACLU Over Obscene Language Citations

Deny any liability or wrongdoing

The ACLU has drawn the Pennsylvania State Police to a settlement over citations for "obscene" language, but the state police deny any wrongdoing or liability for their actions.

"We enforced the law and we will continue to enforce the law," said Lt. Myra Taylor, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Police. "We appreciate the information that was brought up and we did settle out of court but we are in no way going to stop enforcing the law."

In a settlement reached earlier this month, the state police agreed to provide training for state police officers to better educate them on the correct meaning and application of the law as it applies to "obscene" language. Click here to read more.

Westmoreland County Economic Development Project 34 Years In The Making
Rendell approved $10 million for plant with long history of economic development gone wrong

JANUARY 20, 2011 | by ERIC BOEHM

After 34 years, the state of Pennsylvania is still trying to stimulate economic development at a manufacturing facility in Westmoreland County.

In his final month before leaving office, former Gov. Ed Rendell awarded more than $488 million in state grants through the controversial Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RACP). The grants included $10 million for renovations at a manufacturing facility in Westmoreland County which cannot seem to keep tenants, despite years of state government aid.

Mr. Rendell is the third consecutive Democrat governor to award major taxpayer-funded assistance to the facility, which has previously housed assembly plants for Volkswagen and Sony. The facility currently sits empty – as it has since Sony departed in 2008 – but the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC), which owns the facility, is convinced the third time is the charm. Click here to read more.

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