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Covidiocy (kow·vid·ē·ə·sē), noun, utterly senseless or foolish behavior; a stupid or foolish act, statement, etc., concerning COVID-19.

America has seen many examples of covidiocy since the coronavirus panic began more than two years ago. The nation is paying and will continue to pay heavy medical, economic and social prices for the sheer incompetency and utter foolishness of politicians, public health officials and media.

There was no convincing evidence at the beginning of the “global pandemic” that lockdowns, school closures and mask mandates would protect anyone against the virus, nonetheless, public health officials, politicians and allied, incurious media convinced the public that all of those policies were “necessary” based on “the science.”

Americans reasonably assumed that, in view of its name, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) knew how to control disease, and that scientists and public health officials would provide sound scientific guidance concerning public health. Those assumptions turned out to be dead wrong – emphasis on “dead.”

In fact, the “science” involved in many/most of the CDC’s directives was primarily “political science.”

Early on, some of the world’s most eminent epidemiologists at Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford Universities were ridiculed for identifying serious co-existing diseases as the best predictor of mortality in all age groups and for recommending focused protection for the frail, the elderly and those most at risk from COVID infections.

The epidemiologists were attacked as “right wing” in the press and blocked by social media. Observant people viewed such treatment – accurately – as political red flags.

Today, more than two years of actual scientific analysis, studies and statistical tracking have produced evidence that those epidemiologists were right, and the policies imposed by political hacks and politicized public health officials, enthusiastically supported by hysterical media, were horrible mistakes.

We now know that, for most, COVID-19 is a relatively mild disease with nearly zero mortality for nearly every healthy person under age 55.

We have learned that lockdowns and the restrictive measures that followed were utterly ineffective methods to deal with the virus.

We know that public masking has no effect on transmission of airborne diseases, including COVID.

People now know that the “vaccines” do not protect anyone from getting or transmitting the virus, nor do they lessen its severity.

We know that the newer variants are less severe, so the vaccines and boosters that politicians and public health officials are still pimping target a disease that no longer exists.

We have learned that the FDA-approved COVID “vaccines” actually reduce immunity, making catching a variant symptomatically more likely, while allowing other illnesses to more easily infect victims.

The science has shown that natural immunity from viral infection recovery is far better than anything the vaccines offer, and that people who received a vaccine and were then infected had less immunity than if they never took the jab.

Furthermore, areas that opened up early experienced the same or better disease and death rates than those that enforced lockdowns and mandated – and re-mandated – masks.

In fact, face mask usage may correlate with higher death rates. Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, one peer-reviewed study confirmed previous research and cautioned that using face masks “may have harmful unintended consequences.”

Indeed, the nation as a whole has been victimized by lousy COVID policy. The draconian measures to “control” COVID have created all kinds of other problems.

But, now, most Americans have shrugged off COVID hysteria.

Nonetheless, many people still believe that the oppressive measures were justified, and are willing to extend the ineffective mandates.

Frankly, most of the “believers” want to – must – believe.

The politicians, bureaucrats, researchers, and journalists who imposed and/or promoted them don’t want to admit that their policies were disastrous. Ordinary citizens who knuckled under to lousy policies and surrendered many of their most basic liberties to officials who devastated the economy and imposed cruel deprivations on them and on America’s children, including their own, are reluctant to admit their gullibility.

People have different risk factors, so everyone should get/stay informed and make good choices. The version of COVID that is still around is a fairly easily-treated, rather minor illness for nearly everyone.

For the record, anyone who wants to wear face masks and/or stay indoors is free to do so.


Just let everyone else get on with their lives – equally freely.